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Winter Blues… and Whites

Giambatista Valli

Giambatista Valli

Those of you who are in the Northeast (and especially in the Boston area) must get how we feel about winter this time of year…  The seasonal adjustment disorder has set in and we’re definitely feeling SAD.  As we mentioned on Wednesday, pinning is a good cure for the cold weather blues but so is shopping.  And we don’t have to put down our wine glass hot cocoa and leave the house to do either!  So why not banish the wind chill with some chic blue (for our mood) and white (for the snow), a favorite color combination for many bloggers we know, and end the week with a smile.

Ivanka Trump - Geava Pump

Ivanka Trump – Geava Pump

Tory Burch - Sierra Surf Shirt

Tory Burch – Sierra Surf Shirt

Furbish - Blue and White Bowls

Furbish – Blue and White Bowls

Wisteria - Orchid Wall Art

Wisteria – Orchid Wall Art

Layla Grace - Batik Rug

Layla Grace – Batik Rug

Happy bluesy Friday and stay warm this weekend!

Photos: dress, shoes, surf shirt, bowls, art and rug


Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Wisteria

Wonderful Wisteria

Wonderful Wisteria

The strangest thing has happened to our wisteria…  After ten years of no blooms, it’s finally decided to blossom!  We always thought that the landscaper made a mistake and planted the non-flowering variety (if there is such a thing) and gave up on ever seeing the lovely purple-hued petals dripping from the vine.  The plant, on the other hand, has thrived and has taken over our second floor deck, reaching its tendrils from the south side of the house to the west.  And now that the plant is getting full sun, it’s covered in blooms.  That’s because wisteria needs full sun to bloom…  Duh!

Brett Design - Walls of Wisteria

Brett Design – Walls of Wisteria

Julep Polish - Elisa

Julep Polish – Elisa

Jo Malone - Wisteria and Violet

Jo Malone – Wisteria and Violet

Kaliko - Wisteria Blouse

Kaliko – Wisteria Blouse

Devon Leigh - Amethyst Necklace

Devon Leigh – Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

So needless to say, we’re enjoying our wisteria blossoms and looking for a new landscaper!

Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Which Came First?

Which Came First?

Just when we thought we were coming to the end of the regatta season, summer rowing is underway and the races will take us all over the map.   The boys have had their fill of hanging out at the boat trailer playing games (sadly on their iPhones and not real board games!) so perhaps they might enjoy a round of Which Came First?  Are you ready to play along?  Which came first, the cabinet…

Heritage Cabinet

The Heritage Cabinet

or the cushions?

Blue and White Pillow Collection

The paper

Watercolor Peony Wallpaper

or the pinafore?

Giambattista Valli Dress

The service…

Iznik Melamine Plates

or the scarf?

Iznik Tulips and Carnations Scarf

Photos via Boca do Lobo, Horchow, Anthropologie, Net-a-Porter, Wisteria and Fox & Chave



Color, The Latest Buzz

Birthday Buzz

Gideon Does Green

The Buzz turns three this month and who knew when we launched this blog that we would be so ahead of the trend by expressing our love for the color green in our very first post (despite our black thumbs!)

Cupcake Celebration

It seems that everywhere we turn, people are talking about this springtime color.  From House Beautiful‘s entire March issue, to the cover of Veranda‘s new book and all through Wisteria’s spring catalog, green is getting lots of love!  Sorry, Kermit, despite what you think,  it’s easy being green…

Green Mug (Shot)

Succulent Green

Framed Green Fern

Pump Up the Green

P.S.  Click here to read our first post: The Color Green

Photos via House Beautiful, The Hip Hostess, Peters of Kensington, Orange and Pear, Wisteria and Net-a-Porter