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Let's Stencil It!

Before the “big flood” of Spring 2011 which destroyed our wood floors in the front entrance of our house, we had every intention of rolling up our sleeves and stenciling the floor.  But since we’ve replaced the floor with slate, we’re thinking that maybe the walls of our master bedroom could benefit from a little stencil style.  Thank goodness Stencil It by The Stencil Library‘s Helen Morris is about to be published!

Chinoiserie Wall

This stunning book includes 20 brand new designs with 15 ready to use stencils from laminated cards.  There’s also a chapter that will walk us through the stenciling process, step-by-step, which is something we’ll definitely need. 

Dandelion Wall

Having seen some of the company’s projects, there’s no lack in creativity…  the hardest part will be choosing a pattern from the many (over 3,500!) available.

Fennel Wall

Wisteria Skirt

Perhaps we should start off simple and practice on cookies.  That way, we can eat our mistakes!

Stripes and Dots

Photos via The Stencil Library and Martha Stewart