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The Art of the Interior


Table Matters

Textured Layers

Putting the finishing touches on a renovation project is no easy feat, especially when we started from scratch in three of the rooms.  We got rid of a lot of inherited furniture and accessories and now have a clean slate to work with.  The larger furniture pieces were a breeze to choose but the finishing touches prove to be a bit more of a challenge.

Starburst on a Stand

The Art of The Interior

For instance, how would you style a coffee table?  Do you pile it up with beautiful books and call it a day.  Or do you accessorize your table with unique objects found during escapades abroad or on foraging trips to flea markets (you know how we feel about those!)?

Large Leaf Dish

Lumino Eggplant Coaster

The key is striking the right balance.  Too many accessories and there’s no place for a drink; too little and the space looks neglected.  Fortunately, we’ve been pinning coffee tables like mad, and have found some finishing touches we think might work in our new living room.

Hourglass Pillar Candle Holders

And of course, we’ll have flowers…   If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them!

Photos via Pinterest, William Sonoma Home, Rizzoli, Aerin Home, Zhush and Zinc Door