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Posy Palette

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Daffodils

Delightful Daffodils

Less than three weeks until spring and we’re finally seeing signs of life in our gardens…  Little daffodils are poking their green leaves up from the ground in hopes that the weather will start to warm.  Spring truly is our favorite season and about this time every year we begin to crave the greening of the trees and the blossoming of the bulbs.  Thank goodness for Trader Joe’s and the weekly daffodils that grace our tables and windowsills!  In honor of this harbinger of spring, we’ve rounded up some sunny yellow favorites and are counting the days…

Delpozo – Fluted Swing Dress

Balenciaga – Feather Pumps

Dior – Vernis “Early”

All Things Mochi – Spanish Earrings

Hunting Season – Python Bucket Bag

Are you ready for spring?

daffodils / dress / shoes / nail polish / earrings / bag

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Fall Jewel Tones

Fall Flowers

Fall Flowers

Fall in New England is always such a colorful time of year as vibrant mums decorate doorsteps and leaves turn crimson, orange and gold.  With cooler days (and sadly, grayer) days ahead, this is the season to invest in lush jewel tones to warm up your wardrobe and interiors.  These colors can instantly add a touch of cozy elegance when layered with neutrals and there’s nothing like a pop of emerald, sapphire or ruby to brighten your day.  Barring covering yourself with real jewels (so wish we could!), we’ve come up with some fun options that won’t break the bank.  We’ve already invested in this beauty (the color is scrumptious and goes with everything)…

Marlow Bag

Marlow Bag

and plan to step out in these pretties soon.

Vanessa Flats

Vanessa Flats

Jewel tones are perfect from head…

Lavender Lust

Amethyst Hues

to toe…

Wrapped in Rubies

Wrapped in Rubies

and let’s not forget the ears!

Adventurine and Topaz Leaf Earrings

Adventurine and Topaz Leaf Earrings

Happy Friday and wishing you all a be-jeweled weekend.

Photo: flowers, bag, shoes, eye shadow, nails and earrings

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Wisteria

Wonderful Wisteria

Wonderful Wisteria

The strangest thing has happened to our wisteria…  After ten years of no blooms, it’s finally decided to blossom!  We always thought that the landscaper made a mistake and planted the non-flowering variety (if there is such a thing) and gave up on ever seeing the lovely purple-hued petals dripping from the vine.  The plant, on the other hand, has thrived and has taken over our second floor deck, reaching its tendrils from the south side of the house to the west.  And now that the plant is getting full sun, it’s covered in blooms.  That’s because wisteria needs full sun to bloom…  Duh!

Brett Design - Walls of Wisteria

Brett Design – Walls of Wisteria

Julep Polish - Elisa

Julep Polish – Elisa

Jo Malone - Wisteria and Violet

Jo Malone – Wisteria and Violet

Kaliko - Wisteria Blouse

Kaliko – Wisteria Blouse

Devon Leigh - Amethyst Necklace

Devon Leigh – Amethyst Stalactite Necklace

So needless to say, we’re enjoying our wisteria blossoms and looking for a new landscaper!

Photo: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Chrysanthemums

Mums the Word!

Mum’s the Word!

It wouldn’t be October without mentioning Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden opening tomorrow at The New York Botanical Garden.  It’s one of our favorite exhibits and it really showcases the chrysanthemum in a whole new light.

Aerin - Alvaney Loafer

Aerin – Alvaney Loafer

C. Wonder - Crystal Fan Earrings

C. Wonder – Crystal Fan Earrings

Growing up in Europe, mums were somewhat shunned in our house since they’re symbolic of death (i.e. they’re often used at funerals and to decorate graves) so we never really got to appreciate their ephemeral beauty.

See by Chloe - Ellipses Silk Crepe

See by Chloe – Ellipses Silk Crepe

Chrysanthemums have quite the opposite reputation in Japan where they’re celebrated during The Festival of Happiness (National Chrysanthemum Day), one of five ancient festival days in that country.

Dash & Albert - Mums Stripe Rug

Dash & Albert – Mums Stripe Rug

Kim Seybert - Ikat Pillows

Kim Seybert – Ikat Pillows

And it would only be natural to give mums on Mother’s Day like they do in Australia – mums for mum, how sweet!

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Poppies

Pretty Poppies

Many eons ago we spent August toodling around the Tuscan countryside in our Aunt Carole’s “station car”, a tiny Fiat 127 on its last legs wheels…  The passenger side window wouldn’t roll up once it was rolled down, the tape deck (yes, you read that right…  we did say it was eons ago!) ate our Human League and Pet Shop Boys cassettes, and we lost the key to the gas tank and had to open the cover with a knife (much to the displeasure of the Italian gas attendants!)

Brownie Dish

Oriental Poppy Tray

In any event, one of the highlights of our trip, and there were many (after all, we were in Tuscany!) was the scenery – fields upon fields of poppies.  In those days, we didn’t have Instagram, or smart phones for that matter, so we had to rely on our trusty non-digital camera to take pictures and wait until we returned to the States to see what we had captured on film.  While the photo albums we made have been stored away who knows where, the memories are still fresh, even in our forty-something minds…

Poppy Freesia Blossom Perfume

Poppy Bikini

In the language of flowers, poppies mean pleasure and fantastic exuberance, words that definitely describe our Tuscan adventures.  So in honor of the pretty poppy, we say chin chin!

Poppy Pillow

Do you have summer memories that stay with you?  We hope you make some this weekend.

Photos via Pinterest, Anthropologie, Diane James Home, Coach, Matches and John Lewis

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Paperwhites

Pretty Paperwhites

Why is it that in early winter when the paperwhites bloom and the snow covers the ground, we’re drawn to all things white?  Well, perhaps not all things white as we do live with five teenage boys and four dogs and there’s no way we could decorate our homes without color and pattern.  But we do like the freshness that winter whites bring to a room…

Pretty Pitcher

Pretty Patterns

or to an outfit (even though we once thought wearing white after Labor Day was taboo!)

Pretty Pumps

Pretty Pullover

We’ll have to make do with these pretty things as we’ve sworn off anything and everything white in our New Year’s diet…

Pretty Pastries

Wishing everyone a wonderful winter white weekend!

Photos via Estate Eclectic, Anthropologie, Style at Home, Net-a-Porter, Matches and Pinterest


Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Dahlia

Flower Urn

Our good friend, artist Frances Palmer, grows the most amazing dahlias in her garden and her love for these delightful blossoms has garnered her a wonderful nickname – the “Dahlia Lama!”  While we’re a bit late with her advice on how to make dahlia bushes branch out and have more blooms (read it here for future reference), we’ve found some other dahlia-hued beauties to brighten your day!

Ramona Pillow

Silk Clutch

Petal Pusher Wallpaper

Coconut Mango Candle

Samoa Pink Lipstick

Do you delight in dahlias as much as we do?

Photos via Frances Palmer, Serena & Lily, Opensky, Burke Decor, Anthropologie and  Barney’s

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Grape Hyacinth

Purple Posy Palette

A Purple Posy Palette

Spring has sprung here in the Northeast (though winter never really arrived!) and before the bright yellows of forsythia and daffodils take over, we’re happy to see the pale purple blooms of grape hyacinth in our flower beds… and love the fact that we can include this pretty purple palette in our homes (and in our wardrobes!)

Purple Party Dress

Purple Petal Pumps

Purple Pillars

Purple Prints

Purple Pods

What pretty palettes are you working with this spring?

Photos via Pinterest, Pink Lemonade, J. Crew, Z Gallerie, John Robshaw and Pheremone