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Sweater Weather… Still?!

Soft Sweater Style

Ahhh, we’ve made it to March 1st which means spring is less than three weeks away…  But it’s still sweater weather in these parts!  The jet stream is not cooperating in the least bit and is dipping as far south as Florida.  We kind of want to crawl back into bed…

Sweater Bed

with our socks on!

Sweater Socks

Even our coffee mugs, vases and pencil holders are a bit chilly and need a wrap.

Sweet Sweater Pots

Cute Cups

Not to mention the ponies…

Shetland (Pony) Sweaters

Wishing you a warm, cozy weekend!

Photos via Ruche, Habitual Bliss, Leif, Posh Living and Visit Scotland