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Behind the Lens of Claire Grummon

Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs

If you’re a long time reader of The Buzz, you might remember an intrepid twelve-year-old fashionista named Claire who wrote a couple of guest posts for us (you can read them here and here.)  Four years later, Claire is a budding photographer and has recently launched a website featuring her collections.  Not only is Claire very good with a camera, she’s equally talented with a pen; her artist statement is the perfect complement to her pictures.

Circle Flowers

Circle Flowers

“Life happens quickly.  Any given moment begins, changes and ends, sometimes before it’s even noticed.  Light shifts, shadows move, dimensions reveal.  And in today’s hyper-digital world, so many opportunities to notice these moments are completely lost as our attention is pulled from one “source” to another.”



“As an artist, I use photography to stop time – to capture moments – and to prolong the opportunity to see, explore and immerse oneself in what would otherwise be a transient moment or one altogether unseen.  These moments can be serene, jolting, perplexing, funny and beautiful.”



Gravity Doesn't Apply Here

Gravity Doesn’t Apply Here



We couldn’t have described Claire’s work better ourselves and we hope you take some time to immerse yourselves in the moments captured by her lens…

Photos: 1 – 6

The Latest Buzz

Beautiful or Bizarre?

Inez + Vinoodh at the Gagosian

You can’t help but stop and stare when you come across one of Inez and Vinnodh’s pictures and we’re sure that’s what most people did last month when they attended the opening of the artists’ new exhibition at the Gagosian in Los Angeles.

Frozen Flowers, 2013

Better known for their unique portraits of the famous and fashionable as well as their campaigns for Valentino and Dior, this cult duo also captures flowers in a very specific way, one that is not entirely natural yet not too contrived.

6 Poppies, 2013

According to Inez, “working with flowers is about coming as close as [she] can get to abstract painting; it’s very intuitive.”  Letting the flowers do what they will allows the photographers to bring about the “heroic” side of each subject.

3 Lilies of the Valley, 2013

2 Pink Tulips, 2 Pink Carnations, 4 Fiddlehead Ferns, 2013

We’re so used to seeing flowers pictured as beautiful creations that these botanical portraits strike us as a bit weird and slightly unsettling.  Do you feel the same way?  Are these blooms beautiful or bizarre?

1 Giant Red Ranunculus, 1 Yellow Rose, 1 White Gardenia, 2013

Photos via Gagosian Gallery and Wallpaper

The Latest Buzz

See Jane Snap…

Stephanie and Mimi Horton / Horton Design Associates

a pretty picture, that is!  For some of you who read our local favorites like AtHome, Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, New England Home and Serendipity, you’ve probably seen Jane’s work and, like us, had to just sit and admire it for a while.  Or perhaps, you may remember the pictures she took of Pimlico over the holidays which we profiled here…  In any event, if you don’t know Jane Beiles (pronounced BAY-liss), you should!

Rajni Alex / Mantra, Bronxville, NY

Veronica Campbell / Deane, Inc., Stamford, CT

After ten years in the fashion industry where she developed her eye for beauty and sense for business, Jane launched her own endeavor taking beautiful pictures all the while continuing to study the art of photography.  Clients admire her dedicated work ethic, love of the process and sense of humor…  We love her interiors and vignettes!

Julie Nightingale / Nightingale Design, Rowayton, CT

Rebecca Reynolds / New Canaan Kitchens, New Canaan, CT

If you’d like to see more of Jane’s work, her website is chock full of goodies.  Enjoy!

Stephanie Joyce with Jennifer Skyrm (Floral Design)

Photos via Jane Beiles Photography


Book Report, Inspirations

In The Garden (and Home) with Stacy Bass

Stacy Bass – Photographer Extraordinaire

While supposedly tending our booth at Rooms With A View last weekend, we sneaked out to meet the hugely talented photographer, Stacy Bass, and get our hands on her beautiful book, In The Garden.  The presentation opened with a gorgeous slideshow of Stacy’s work – both in the garden and in the home – immediately transporting us into the exquisite worlds she shoots.  She then shared some of her favorite tips on how best to capture a space.  Here are some highlights from her talk:

A Garden at Dawn

1.  Shoot gardens at dawn when the sun is rising and stop when it gets too bright.

A Well Tended Bar

2.  Accessories are important and better to have too many than not enough since you can always take something away when framing a shot.

Heavenly Hydrangeas in the Summer

3.  Think about the seasons and what your garden will look like through the windows.

Art in the Bedroom

4.  Invest in art – it’s so important to have something on the walls!

Flowers in the Kitchen

5.  And last but not least, flowers finish a room (just make sure the arrangements you use are of an appropriate scale.)

It was such a treat to meet Stacy and we know we’ll be inspired by her book for many seasons to come.  If you want to see more of her work, we encourage you to visit her site – but be warned, you might get lost in all the beauty!

Photos via CT Post and Stacy Bass Photography




Q & A

Q & A with House of Brinson

A Creative Couple

Ever since we met the very talented Susan Brinson at the ALT Summit in New York, we’ve been dying to profile her work along with her husband, William’s, beautiful photography here on The Buzz.  House of Brinson is their joint venture, a blog where they document all aspects of art, design, photography, food and life in general, and their aesthetic is all about contrast: black and white, light and dark, masculine and feminine, old and new, rustic and modern.


While Susan, an art director and designer, is into all things visual and crafty (and is known for her obsessive holiday cookie baking!), William, a still life and food photographer, is a foodie, always thinking about the next meal.

Queen Anne’s Lace

It’s no wonder that our mouths were salivating when we perused his portfolio.  We were thrilled that this dynamic duo agreed to take part in our series and loved their fun, unique answers!

The Moment – Tulips

1.  What did you want to be when you were a child?
S:  Mostly an artist, but sometimes a lawyer
W: Stunt man

2.  What is your necessary luxury?
S:   LaMer skin cream
W: Leather booths

The Moment – Roses

3.  What is your favorite decorating accessory?
S:  Succulent flowers
W: Vintage lamps

4.  Where do you window shop?
S:  Ferragamo via Pinterest
W: John Varvatos

5.  What makes a house a home?
S:  A casual mess, or looking lived in
W: My family, Susan and Nero (our boxer dog)

The Moment – Dusk

6.  What is the most enjoyable part of your day?
S:  Coming home from work to an overly excited boxer dog and my husband
W: Morning

7.  What is your favorite flower?
S:  Peony
W: Garlic blossom

8.  If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
S:  Amaretto and cream, on the rocks
W: Vodka Martini, strong and a little dry

9.  If your life were made into a movie, what would be the title and who would play your part?
S:  Taste, Kate Winslet  (She has nice eyebrows.)
W: Lunch with Will, of course Brad Pitt would play me

Black and White Things

10.  Name one thing from your “Bucket List”
S:  Visit Machu Picchu
W: Purchase a motorcycle

We wish we could have added more pretty pictures to this post…  Thankfully, Susan and William have fabulous sites so we urge you to visit both!

Photos via House of Brinson

Inspirations, Personalities

Freeze Frame

House & Garden - Creating Tablescapes

Do you ever open a magazine and just sigh over a picture?  We do, all the time… and when we do, we tend to look up the photographer to see what other pretty things he or she has shot.  We’ve come across some wonderful talent this way and we’ve just added Carolyn Barber’s site to our favorites bar.  Her portfolio is a delightful blend of fun and lovely things.  Whether she’s shooting fashion for a mail order catalogue…

Bombay Duck

or cakes for a bridal magazine…

Conde Nast Brides

and flowers for a reference book…

Dorling Kindersley

Carolyn truly captures the moment.  She also makes paint swatches look pretty…

Homes & Antiques

Even her Christmas cards are truly unique and beautiful.

Christmas '05

Do you have any photo ops planned for this weekend?

Photos via Carolyn Barber Photography



Q & A

Q & A with Claire Ingram

Every issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens is a treat, and we loved the Holiday 2010 issue even more as our friend, photographer Claire Ingram, shot all the lovely and luxurious gifts for the feature Present Perfection.

Perfect Present in CTC&G

Perfect Presents in CTC&G

With a background in stock and portrait photography, Claire began taking pictures of products, tabletops and still lifes when a friend commissioned her to shoot foodstuffs to promote a local Farmer’s Market.

The Lovely Claire Ingram

The Lovely Claire Ingram

Being the mother of a young daughter at the time, she was invigorated by the challenge of working with inanimate objects and thrilled to have patient subjects day or night (we can so relate seeing as we never can get our kids to sit still!)


Snow Peas

Garlic and Oil

Garlic and Oil

Claire is currently working on a series of ink and water images, shooting different kinds of pigment as they travel through water, and is having way too much fun throwing liquid around the studio.  Though born in London and raised in Michigan, she now lives just up the road in Weston, CT, where she does a lot of shooting and mopping!

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

Having known Claire for over a decade, we are thrilled that publications are now getting to recognize her talent, and we thought you might enjoy it, too.

1.   What did you want to be when you were a child?
A spy.  I was REALLY invested in being a spy.  Finally, my mother had to tell me that it wasn’t a reasonable career choice.

2.   What is your necessary luxury?
Having the time and the means to be creative.

3.   What is your favorite decorating accessory?
Truly, it’s flowers.  I know everyone tells you that, but I think it’s universal.

4.   Where do you window shop?
Online.  I live in a small town, so window shopping is pretty limited.

5.   What makes a house a home?
All the imperfections resulting from being lived in.

6.   What is the most enjoyable part of your day?
Evenings.  I like knowing that there’s nothing on the schedule except bed.  Plus, I feel creative in the evenings and better able to think.

7.   What is your favorite flower?
Lilacs.  And they don’t last nearly long enough!  Hmmm… if only I could find someone to make silk ones…

8.   If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
Something gin-based, enjoyed at Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Price.

9.   If your life were made into a movie, what would be the title and who would play your part?
If only Rosalind Russell could play me, she could call it anything she wanted!

10.  Name one thing from your “Bucket List”.
I want to make a long cross-country-and-back trip with my daughter one summer when she becomes a teenager.  She’s 6 now.  There’s so much to see, and an extended road trip is such an adventure.  Naturally, I’d make it a photographic project, too.

Red Pepper vs. Zinnia

Red Pepper vs. Zinnia

Thank you, Claire, for your gorgeous pictures and for showing us that even the lowly snow pea can be beautiful!

Photos from Claire Ingram Photography

The Latest Buzz

Snap Up A Polaroid

Last week, Sotheby’s sold 1,200 works from the Polaroid Collection of Photography in what had become a very controversial auction.  Up for bid were images by legendary artists and photographers (Ansel Adams, David Hockney, Andy Warhol to name a few) going back to the 1940’s.

Luigi Ghirri - "Still Life" (Flowers)

Luigi Ghirri - "Still Life" (Flowers)

The sale, part of Polaroid’s bankruptcy court order, raised $12 million, surpassing Sotheby’s high estimate of $10.7 million, even when nine lots were pulled at the last minute over concerns about the company’s right to sell the pictures.  Some artists felt they had loaned the works to Polaroid in exchange for film and cameras while others, like Chuck Close, thought that the work would end up in a museum and not at auction.

Ansel Adams - Pine Branches, Yosemite Valley

Ansel Adams - Pine Branches, Yosemite Valley

Regardless of the controversy, we would have loved to have seen the entire Sotheby’s building taken over by photographs – imagine over 400 Ansel Adams landscapes decorating the walls!  And though the images ranged from the traditional to the downright strange, we did find some favorites with a botanical twist.

Imogen Cunningham - "Leaves"

Imogen Cunningham - "Leaves"

Paul Caponigro - "Selected Nature Studies"

Paul Caponigro - "Selected Nature Studies"

Harry Callahan - 'Trees and Mist' (Chicago, Trees in Snow)

Harry Callahan - 'Trees and Mist' (Chicago, Trees in Snow)

Gyorgy Kepes - 'Selected Still Life Studies'

Gyorgy Kepes - 'Selected Still Life Studies'

Photos from Sotheby’s

Q & A

Q & A with Jonathan Sloane

Since seeing is believeing when it comes to our silk floral designs, photography is one of the most important investments we make on a seasonal basis.  Not only do the pictures appear on our website but also in printed catalogs that we send to our retail and design clients.  Our photography is so well edited that even shelter magazines don’t hesitate to use the images in their editorials.  And we are grateful to Norwalk-based photographer Jonathan Sloane for helping our designs look “un-real”!

On Set with Jonathan

On Set with Jonathan

For over 25 years, Jonathan has provided clients both big and small with beautiful and occasionally startling images.  Whether he is photographing million dollar diamonds, a simple glass of water or Olympic athletes, Jonathan brings his own unique creative vision to the project.  We love how he captures the beauty and delicate essense of flowers, whether fresh or faux and we are happy to profile his beautiful work!



Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Cluster Cymbidium

Cluster Cymbidium

Lady Slipper Orchid

Lady Slipper Orchid



1.   What did you want to be when you were a child?
A beachcomber

2.   What is your necessary luxury?
Kona coffee from Hawaii

3.   What is your favorite decorating accessory?
Framed photographs!

4.   Where do you window shop?
Ferro’s Jewelery Store (estate jewelry)

5.   What makes a house of home?

6.   What is the most enjoyable part of your day?
Readind a good book, usually at night

7.   What is your favorite flower?
Orchids all the way!

8.   If you were a cocktail, what would you be?

9.   If your life were made into a movie, what would be the title and who would play your part?
“A Photographer’s Story”, Robert Duvall 20 years ago

10. Name one thing from your “Bucket List”
Travel!  New Zealand, Himalayas, Alaska, Peru, Kenya – not necessarily in that order

If you would like to see more of Jonathan’s wonderful pictures, visit his website Jonathan Sloane Photography.