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Fashion Friday

Friday Favorite: Mood Boards

Mood Board Galore

Mood Board Galore

Mood boards are the best!  We create one for each seasonal collection we design and begin gathering our inspirations months in advance.  Now that we’ve put our Spring/Summer 2015 collection to bed, it’s time to think about next year’s Fall/Winter designs – who knows what will capture our imagination and fuel our creative fire?  Mood boards are great for any type of project – whether you’re tackling a home renovation, planning a big event or designing a brand.  As a vehicle to get your creative juices flowing, mood boards can’t be beat.

Rose & Indigo

Rose & Indigo – Camille Styes

So we were excited to discover Fiona Humberstone’s blog, The Brand Stylist, and read this recent post.  According to Fiona, “Creating a mood board for your business is both inspiring and massively empowering” and needless to say, essential if you’re launching a new venture or want to rebrand an existing one.

Feminine Edge

Feminine Edge – Breanna Rose

Sorbet Hues

Sorbet Hues – Two Ellie

This month, our e-commerce site, Diane James Home, turns six and we’re working on version 2.0.  It’s a little daunting (that’s an understatement!) and we really do want to change things up a bit, yet keep the online identity our customers have come to love.  Perhaps this is a good time to follow Fiona’s advice and create a mood board for our brand, one that will give us direction and perhaps have us thinking outside the box… or at least the monitor!

Pastel Prettiness - Breanna Rose

Pastel Prettiness – Breanna Rose

Natural Neutrals - Observant Nomad

Earthy Feminine – Observant Nomad

Are mood boards a favorite of yours?  Do you use them for your projects, too?  Happy, creative Friday!

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The Latest Buzz

nousDECOR… From Start to Finish!

Help Is On The Way!

Help Is On The Way!

Imagine a place where you could search for furnishings from anywhere by simply uploading a picture of what you’re looking for or putting in the specs…  then add a “mood board” option and a ” get help” feature so that the broader design community can weigh in.  That’s the concept behind the new online site, nousDECOR, founded by YouTube alum Heather Gillette.

Start With An Inspiration...

Start With An Inspiration…

Then Explore The Look!

Then Explore The Look!

Heather is joined by Australian interior designer Marc Cutler as Chief Designer (he’s the one who lends professional expertise while you create your mood board), Rebecca Martin, a former design specialist at Pottery Barn, who helps curate the items and images for the site and interacts with the users, and Kelly Anne Bonner, the editor of the company’s blog.

Create A Mood Board

Create A Mood Board

nousDECOR Blog

nousDECOR Blog

While nousDECOR’s content is still very edited, new users are signing on every day and adding fresh inspirations and mood boards…  We’ve even tried our hand at creating a mood board for our dream master bedroom which is the next room we need to tackle.  But users beware – once you log on to this clean and stylish site, you’ll find it hard to leave!

Master Class with Marc Cutler

Master Class with Marc Cutler

P.S.  If you’re short on time but would love to learn from a pro, attend the weekly Master Class led by Marc!

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