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Juicy Fruits

Juicy Ice Cubes

Juicy Ice Cubes

There nothing more refreshing in the summertime than taking a bite into a juicy strawberry or a cold, sweet slice of melon…  Just typing the title of this post is making our mouth water!  Fruit of all shapes and sizes come into season between May and July and we can’t think of a better way to stay healthy and hydrated.  And while we love taking advantage of this delectable produce at the farmers’ market, we’ve found some other juicy fruits we think are delicious.

C. Wonder - Citrus Fruit Tray

Citrus Fruit Tray

West Elm - Bright Shapes Melamine Plates

Bright Shapes Melamine Plates

Citrus Cocktail Stirrers

Citrus Cocktail Stirrers

Pineapples Print

Pineapples Print

Siret Fruit Bandeau

Siret Fruit Bandeau

Happy fruity Friday!  June is just around the corner…

Photos: ice cubes, tray, plates, stirrers, print and top


Cold Play

Fruit and Flower Power

Guess who we’re seeing in concert tomorrow night at the Meadowlands?  Given our current very warm and humid weather, we thought we’d have some frozen fun … with ice cubes, that is.

Awesome Blossoms

Flowers on Ice

There’s something so festive in adding flowers or fruit to ice; it’s like dressing up your cocktail with some bling!

Lovely Leaf

Fruity Fun

Frosty Fruit

How do you rock your cubes?  Here’s wishing you all a festive Friday!

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