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Fairy Tale Fashion

Pretty Princess

Once upon a time, a beautiful young princess was banished from her home, the mystical kingdom, to the woods where butterflies flew and flower petals fell, mirroring the seasons of our life, the choices we make and the beauty that emerges from the darkest places.

Plum Blossom

This fairy tale by “it” designer Misha Nonoo (her clients include SJP, Gwenyth, Blake Lively and Linda Fargo) inspired her new collaboration, a capsule collection of evening gowns made with hand-painted de Gournay silks.


When we saw pictures of this collection on Misha’s Pinterest board, we had to dig a little deeper and fell upon a great time lapse video of what went on behind the scenes.  Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, the very talented duo behind Ann Street Studio, are responsible for these delightful images which capture the ethereal essence of the tale.

Plum Blossom II

With fresh anemones strewn across the furniture and floor, crowns made by stylist Kelly Framel from The Glamourai and of course, a spectacular backdrop of de Gournay wallpaper, these gowns take on a life of their own.

Whistler Peacock – Back

Whistler Peacock – Front

Oh, to be so glamorous while living in the woods!

Photos via Ann Street Studio, Misha Nonoo and The Glamourai


Red + White = Alpine Delight

Ahhh... Skiing in New England

Ahhh... Skiing in New England

Pass the Peppermint Sticks!

Pass the Peppermint Sticks!

Perhaps it’s the week we spent skiing over the holidays or an overdose of candy canes, but we seem to be seeing a lot of red and white these days…

Cheryl Tague's Cozy Bedroom in Aspen

Cheryl Tague's Cozy Bedroom in Aspen

Apres Ski Chic by D & G

Apres Ski Chic by D & G

A Tasteful Teapot

A Tasteful Teapot

Coordinating Cake and Plate

Coordinating Cake and Plate

Rd and White Take a Bath

Red and White Take a Bath

Photos from The Gremlin, Domestic Goddess Adventures, Cheryl Tague, Marie Claire UK, Have Cake Will Travel, Lovin Sullivan Cakes and Elle Decor

Book Report, The Latest Buzz

Book Report: The Well-Dressed Home

One of our favorite daily reads is Erin Gates’ blog, Elements of Style, and we especially love Fashion Fridays when she often pairs an outfit with a beautifully decorated room.  So when Annette Tatum‘s new book, The Well-Dressed Home: Fashionable Design Inspired by Your Personal Style, arrived on Wednesday we were thrilled.


The book’s premise is that the decor of your home should reflect your unique personality and style, just as your clothing and accessories do.  With gorgeous pictures and practical advice, Annette shows us how to be inspired by the colors, patterns and textures found on the runway and how to define your personal style using a great reference guide (are you couture or casual? romantic or vintage? retro or resort?).

From the runway...


Part III of the book is dedicated to showing these design styles in action with inspiration boards and beautiful rooms.  Thank you, Annette, for such fabulous fashion.  We so enjoy The Well-Dressed Home and can’t wait to bring our style out of the closet and into our living room!

Royal Charm



Romantic Homes Magazine - October 2009

Romantic Homes Magazine - October 2009

Photos from Annette Tatum and Cool e Chic Style Fashion