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In the Garden

In the Garden with Anouska Hempel

layered green topiaries by Anouska Hempel

Tiptoe Through the Topiaries

It’s raining…  Again!  We had over 10 days and 4 inches of rain in July and the storms just keep coming.  So instead of hanging out in our gardens, we’re getting our green fix on Instagram.

a row of potted rosemary

Row of Rosemary

Anouska Hempel‘s feed had us at “hedge” and it’s completely enchanting.  The striking gardens and landscapes she’s designed for homes and hotels the world over are so lush, layered and lovely, they literally take your breath away.  It was hard not to ooh and aah over every image.

green boxwood hedge

Hedging Our Bets

potted plants at the entrance of a garden

A Plethora of Pots

alpine pool with burmese umbrellas by Anouska Hempel

Alpine Pool with Burmese Umbrellas

A fusion of east meets west pervades Anouska’s design aesthetic whether it is classical or contemporary in feel.  And her landscapes use the exquisite Japanese layering of box trees, bays, hornbeams and myrtle, to create space and texture.

potted plants and an obelisk

A Kitty Among the Greenery

The effect is intimate and magical, and so very, very green!  Just ask the kitty cat among the plants…


In the Garden

In the Garden with Jane Ellsworth

Monogrammed Garden Gate

Monogrammed Garden Gate

Having been raised in the Belgian countryside by a mother who worshiped Constance Fry and the untamed yet still elegant she designed, we naturally gravitate toward the “tumbling cacophony of lush mixed borders” barely contained by a clipped boxwood hedges.  This is why we had to share this beautiful garden lovingly cultivated by interior designer Jane Ellsworth which we spied in the pages of one of our favorite local magazines, Connecticut Cottages & Gardens.

Boxwood Parterre

Boxwood Parterre

Peek-a-boo Pool House

Peek-a-boo Pool House

Set on seven acres in Darien, Jane’s 1940’s brick Georgian house has the feel of an English country home and the garden is filled with colorful exuberance and blossoms for every season.  “In my opinion, the garden is an outdoor room whose components should be handled in the same way as the corresponding decorative elements in an interior space, to create a specific mood or style that is functional and pleasing,” says Jane.  You may call this garden functional and pleasing, but we’ll call it sheer bliss.

Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

Brick Walls

Brick Walls

Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard

We’d love to spend the weekend under that apple tree but we’re off to our final regatta of season!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend of whiling away the hours…

Photos: 1 – 6

In the Garden

In the Garden with Jinny Blom

Garden Walk

As we’re waiting for spring flowers to bloom and trees to bud, we thought we’d share some beautiful gardens designed by one of England’s most renown designers, Jinny Blom (and yes, her last name means “flower” in Danish!)  We saved the article about her in Veranda last year and filed it away for a rainy day (which we’ve had a lot of lately) and when we read another article about her in the spring edition of Flower, we dug the pictures up (so to speak!)

Garden Gate

Garden View

Who wouldn’t be inspired to don some gardening gloves and do some pruning after seeing these beauties?  Since we’re huge fans of pinks and purples in our own garden beds, we are smitten with Jinny’s romantic touch.

Garden Alley

Garden Beds

This spring, Jinny will be working closely with HRH Prince Harry on a special garden for the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show which will support Sentebale, a charity which gives aid to Lesotho’s neediest children.  This project will be quite different from the ones she’s done in the English and Scottish countrysides but sure to be a favorite.

Garden Wall

Are you spending time in the garden yet?

Photos via Jinny Blom and Garden Design