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Something disturbing happened to us today and hence, a surprise second post.  As you may recall, on our last visit to Atlanta, we had the great pleasure of meeting the fabulous Mary McDonald who so kindly autographed her book for a giveaway on The Buzz.  We were so excited to be able to share The Allure of Style and amazing talent with you in a blog post which included images from Mary’s website.  Little did we know that many of the pictures were licensed by Mary from Getty Images (there’s nothing on her site that would indicate this) and we received a letter in the mail fining us for using a photograph of one of her interiors.

Needless to say, while we were able to negotiate the fine down to $700 from $875, we’re still floored.  Since launching The Buzz over three years ago, we’ve been very careful to attribute and link every image we use to its original source. Please know that this is not enough to protect you from copyright infringement and it’s scary to think that this could happen again…  The only advice Getty could give us was to contact each and every photographer for permission before using an image in a blog post.   What if this image were taken from Pinterest?  Hmm…

Photo via Etsy