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Spooky “Boo”quets

Bare Bones Boo-quet

Bare Bones Boo-quet

On this eve of Halloween, we think it’s a treat to pair some dark and moody blooms with the words of Edgar Allan Poe…  “O craving heart, for the lost flowers and sunshine of my summer hours!

Basket "Boo"quet

Basket “Boo”quet

The undying voice of that dead time,

Blooming "Boo"quet

Blooming “Boo”quet

With its interminable chime,

Still Life "Boo"quet

Still Life “Boo”quet

Rings in the spirit of a spell,

Bridal "Boo"quet

Bridal “Boo”quet

Upon thy emptiness – a knell.  I have not always been as now.”

Beautiful "Boo"quet

Beautiful “Boo”quet

What will you be on the morrow?  Happy Halloween!

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  • Reply designchic October 30, 2015 at 9:52 am

    Love all of the “boo”quets – so clever! Wish I had the first one at my house for the weekend – hope yours is wonderful!!

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