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Schelter from the Storm

Bedside Beauty – The San Vincente Bungalows

First, our apologies for the lack of posts… We’ve been hit with two major storms in the past week – a nor’easter that took out our power for a couple of days and Winter Storm Quinn that dumped more than a foot of snow yesterday.  It’s hard to believe that spring is less than two weeks away and who knows when we’ll see flowers bloom again in the garden.  That’s why we’re seriously considering a mural by Kate Schelter for our studio!

Must Read!

Ever since the publication of her book Classic Style last year, we’ve been huge fans of Kate’s.  While we knew about her charming illustrations, we were recently reminded that her scope of work also includes murals.  Just look at what she painted for Lara Connor (Vogue contributing editor Marina Rust’s daughter).

Lara’s New Room

Graceful Geraniums

With a degree from RISD and internships at W and Christian Lacroix, Kate’s love of fashion led her to a career as a stylist, but she always kept her watercolors at the ready.  Her first illustrations appeared in Assouline’s Gypset Travel in 2012 and in 2014, John Derian curated Kate’s first painting exhibit.  Her portfolio has grown over the years to include collaborations with The San Vincente Bungalows (opening Summer 2018), Chateau Marmont and Greydon House.

Pretty Poppies – Kate’s Bedroom

Kate’s murals are as fun and fresh as their subjects – whimsical geraniums and poppies look as if they’re growing right out of the floor and beautiful blue hydrangeas brighten a bedside.  Colorful and elegant, these flowers are exactly what we need in these last days of winter.  Who’s ready for spring?

mural and book photos / Lara’s bedroom photo

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