Winterthur Wonderland


This time last year we had the pleasure of visiting Winterthur during Yuletide, which the H. F. du Ponts celebrated in their home during the first half of the 20th century.  As we strolled through the house, we marveled at the decorations and the beautiful trees, many inspired by the estate’s gardens.  One gorgeous tree was made of dried flowers gathered on the property throughout the spring and summer…

Diane and The Dried Flower Tree

Diane and the Dried Flower Tree

Dried and True

Dried and True

while another honored the earliest blossoming bulbs of spring with daffodils, crocus and snowdrops.

Delightful Daffodil and Snowdrop Tree

Delightful Daffodil and Snowdrop Tree

One of our favorite trees was bedecked with a bounty of beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly Beauty

Butterfly Beauty

Can We Say "Bedazzled"?

Can We Say "Bedazzled"?

Even the enormous conservatory was home to a tall spruce trimmed in the traditional way with lights and colorful Christmas balls, a mass of red poinsettias at its base like a lush living tree skirt.

Festive and Fun

Festive and Fun

We’ve visited many historic homes during the holiday season but none seemed to capture the festive fun and sparkle as well as Winterthur.  So while we’re still trying to come up with a theme for our holiday decor, we hope these trees might inspire you to turn your homes into winter wonderlands, too!

Photos from Winterthur

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9 Responses to “Winterthur Wonderland”

  1. The Zhush says:

    Loving that butterfly tree…so whimsical and fun! Heading over to PR nursery this weekend to see Santa, get a tree and feed the animals! :)

  2. Wow! I want to go – just stunning. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. That dried flower tree is unbelievable! And, the butterfly tree reminds me of the one they have in the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Gorgeous!

  4. quintessence says:

    All so lovely – not sure which one I like best. Also love the color of the room in the first shot!

  5. All of those are amazing. I think my heart flutters for the butterfly tree though!!!
    xoxo elizabeth

  6. Kathysue says:

    Diane, Someday I am going to go there. Oh my what beauty to behold!!!Thankyou so much for sharing this with me, I could not believe the splendor and beauty. You my dear are a very pretty and elegant looking lady!
    merry christmas,

  7. Wow, these trees are magnificent to say the least! But I still have a huge soft spot for that old-fashioned tree. It reminds me of my grandparents tree, covered with old-fashioned glass ornaments, a few of which I unfortunately shattered as a little girl. One year grandma even gave real candles a try ( they were on these little clips that attached to the branches), it was amazing, and miraculously nothing caught on fire!

  8. StacyStyle says:

    Those are crazy gorgeous trees! The one covered in the little silver strands is particularly old-fashioned and beautiful. What a wonderful tradition to go there each year to see the decor. It’s one of those places on my list that I’ve not had the chance to see yet!

  9. hamptontoes says:

    Wow…you’ve been to Winterthur! It is one of my favorite places…love everything about it! That butteryfly tree is beyond fabulous…I love it!

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