Tuesday Treat

Light a Log


Light a Candle


Light a Fire

The girls who played with fire…

Photos via Pinterest and Vintage Home

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13 Responses to “Tuesday Treat”

  1. I love the log candle, and I know that the Diptyque Feu de Bois candle smells like heaven.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Hamptontoes says:

    The logs candle is so holiday-ish! Adore the fireplace image too! Five more days until Christmas!

  3. Love the Scandi mantle! Lynn

  4. Love the log candle – genius! xx

  5. quintessence says:

    Love the clever log candle and the Diptyque Feu de Bois is my go to candle for the season!!

  6. Stylelinx says:

    I can’t burn wood in my fireplace but decorating it with wood in your last photo is giving me all kinds of crazy, great ideas! xo

  7. Ha! So clever. With the darkest day of the year approaching the glow of candles and a fire is welcome indeed. My glassybabies are aglow every night when we are home.
    Hope your day glows and shines!

  8. I can never have too many candles! Can’t wait to see that movie too…we saw all three of the original versions – wondering if they American version will be better or worse…we’ll find out!

  9. kathysue says:

    my candles are lit the fireplace is roaring, music is playing, baking and wrapping are going on and there are sparkles everywhere, I think I am set!!!
    Love this time of year!!
    Merry Christmas,

  10. Kelly Market says:

    Have to agree with everyone else – the Diptyque scent is a fave! xx

  11. What a coincidence! Have my fireplace on for the first time this year today! But now I want to light some candles!

  12. pretty pink tulips says:

    Was just thinking I needed to stock some wood in the fireplace – finally going to be at home long enough to enjoy it for a while!

    And, I am excited about the new fireplace (in a herringbone design) that is being rebuilt in the renovation part of the house!!!

    merry merry!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. I have been burning a lovely Christmassy candle this week which has been filling the house with the smells of Christmas, and it’s just heaven. Nothing like the warm glow of candles around the house at this time of year.

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