Thursday Thank You

Winter Blues

… to Serena & Lily for not only dressing our beds but now, our tables!  We adore the direction Serena and Lily are taking the company and totally agree that “great entertaining is about creating a world where everyone feels warm, welcome, at ease.”  Who wouldn’t want to gather around a beautiful table layered with linens, lots of candlelight and pretty platters?  “The best parties are usually anything but perfect.  It just has to be done with love.”

Marvelous Marbella Collection

Magnificient Mombasa Collection

P.S.  Hop on over to Decor Arts Now for a special 20% discount code at Serena & Lily… holiday shopping with a global impact!

Photos via Serena & Lily

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10 Responses to “Thursday Thank You”

  1. Serena and Lily are so personable that they would make anyone feel at home!
    Love their tabletop collection. And thanks for the link!:-)
    Xo, Lynn

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    These ladies just keep coming up with great ideas…love this new direction, as well!

    And, I just love a beautiful table – food just tastes better when things look better!

  3. stitchfork says:

    So pretty! Would love to sit at any of those tables!
    xo Cathy

  4. quintessence says:

    Oh – I have the latest catalogue and haven’t even had a chance to look!! But love their style so will have to peek!! And then hop over to Lynn’s!

  5. StyleLinx says:

    How fantastic! We just had 2 weeks of various family members over and will have to get these for the next dozen dinners we host!

  6. Oooh so very tempting! I think I might have to pop on over there now and take a little look!

  7. pve says:

    classy!! classy ladies!!

  8. Kelly Market says:

    I haven’t had a chance to look at the collection, but I do receive their emails and am always excited to see what they will come up with next. Can’t wait to check it out!! xxKelly

  9. I do love their things too! Great to see them branching out!

  10. lauren says:

    so perfect! i think you look quite nice in the glossies. :)

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