Thursday Thank You

Poised in Pink

Poised in Pink

… to Philip Treacy for designing the most creative haute couture hats that walked down the runway last week.  These whimsical wonders inspired by origami swirls and ikebana flower arrangements struck the perfect balance to Giorgio Armani’s “Hommage au Japon” sleek silk and velvet styles.  We say “hats off” to both designers for a simply stunning collection!

Fun Feathers

Fun Feathers

Fanciful Flowers

Fanciful Flowers

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12 Responses to “Thursday Thank You”

  1. claudia lane says:

    These are lovely, I always admire original/innovative head pieces (perhaps because I don”t really have any of my own) as I think they add real glamour, charm and personality to any gown…thanks for sharing these delightful creations :)
    Claudia xo

  2. hamptontoes says:

    I am a hat gal and I adore these! I think when the rest of the ensemble is simple one can push boundaries and be a little more over the top with such fancy chapeaux! I hope you are enjoying your Atlanta show!

  3. Wow works of art indeed!! Fergies daughters should take note…lol.

  4. stitchfork says:

    I tip my hat to Philip Treacy for originality!
    xo Cathy

  5. Stylelinx says:

    Since the royal wedding, I’ve been seeing more hats on the runway. Hats that made me swoon and some that made me giggle–either way I’m really starting to get into it and wondering if this trend will take off in the real world. Thanks for posting hats that make me swoon!

  6. quintessence says:

    I do love hats!! And Philip Treacy is the king of millinery designs. These are fabulous!!

  7. I love hats! Sadly, they just don’t love me back. But I always admire a woman who call pull one off with style!

  8. The Zhush says:

    These are stunning! Always love your floral fashion re”caps”:)

  9. designchic says:

    How beautiful…certainly inspirational for your beautiful designs ~

  10. lauren says:

    ugh, i want one of his pieces SO BADLY!! this would be the perfect accessory for you!

  11. I am always in awe of Philip’s talent, never ceases to amaze me!

  12. pve says:

    My friend needs one for Ascot next year!

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