Thursday Thank You

April 2011 Issue

April 2011 Issue

… to Cottages & Gardens for hosting the 5th annual Innovation in Design Awards (the IDA’s for those in the know!) on Tuesday.  Held at the Stamford Hilton in their Garden Pavilion, we dined under the stars (under a tent, at tables decorated with DuraLee fabric runners and Diane James flowers) amongst design stars and these little bees even had the honor of meeting Bunny Williams, Anthony Baratta, Philip Gorrivan and Matthew Patrick Smyth.

Calling All Designers!

Calling All Designers!

Needless to say, while the winners of each of the five categories (landscape, kitchen, bath, architecture and interior design) left with gorgeous Juliska trophies in hand, we left with stars in our eyes!

2011 Innovator Award Recipient

2011 Innovator Award Recipient

P.S.  For more on the IDA’s, hop on over to Quintessence!

Photos from Cottages & Gardens and Bunny Williams

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8 Responses to “Thursday Thank You”

  1. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita says:

    It sounds great! Especially the lovely centerpieces! And Bunny Williams too? Swoon!

  2. quintessence says:

    Wonderful evening and nice to see you as always! The flowers were gorgeous!! And thank you for the link of course!!

  3. The Zhush says:

    I “heard” the centerpieces were lovely! (great shot on Bunny Williams Beeline fb page!) Sounds like a wonderful event!

  4. hamptontoes says:

    I was supposed to be there and last night had to back out. Bummer. Sounds like such a lovely evening immersed in design happiness!

  5. StyleLinx says:

    How fun!! Congrats to the winners! Sounds like an absolutely lovely evening! I’d love to see photos of your flower arrangments!!!! The glimpses I got through various photos looked amazing!

  6. What a great bunch of talent gathered in one space….dinner under the stars with Stars! I know the centerpieces were the buzz of the event!!

    xoxo elizabeth

  7. Doesn’t get better than Bunny! xx

  8. Kelly Dunn says:

    Stars, Fabrics and Flowers…Sound like a well `designed` event! XO, Kelly

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