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Beautiful or Bizarre?

Inez + Vinoodh at the Gagosian

You can’t help but stop and stare when you come across one of Inez and Vinnodh’s pictures and we’re sure that’s what most people did last month when they attended the opening of the artists’ new exhibition at the Gagosian in Los Angeles.

Frozen Flowers, 2013

Better known for their unique portraits of the famous and fashionable as well as their campaigns for Valentino and Dior, this cult duo also captures flowers in a very specific way, one that is not entirely natural yet not too contrived.

6 Poppies, 2013

According to Inez, “working with flowers is about coming as close as [she] can get to abstract painting; it’s very intuitive.”  Letting the flowers do what they will allows the photographers to bring about the “heroic” side of each subject.

3 Lilies of the Valley, 2013

2 Pink Tulips, 2 Pink Carnations, 4 Fiddlehead Ferns, 2013

We’re so used to seeing flowers pictured as beautiful creations that these botanical portraits strike us as a bit weird and slightly unsettling.  Do you feel the same way?  Are these blooms beautiful or bizarre?

1 Giant Red Ranunculus, 1 Yellow Rose, 1 White Gardenia, 2013

Photos via Gagosian Gallery and Wallpaper