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Wanted: A Tree House!

Home Sweet Home

You may have gathered by now that there’s a bit of construction going on in one of our homes and after a week of Chris, Hebert and Erno (not to mention Dan – the plumber, Gilbert – the electrician, and Tony – the tile guy), we’re thinking of moving into a tree house in the back yard to get away from all the mess.  The dogs aren’t quite ready for life in the trees but having seen some really great arboreal homes, we’re game…

Tree Chic

A Magic Tree House

Especially if they happen to be in a far away land and room service is involved!

Spa Botanico at the Ritz Dorado Beach – Puerto Rico

Hapuku Lodge – New Zealand

Chewton Glen – Hampshire, England

Have you ever been up a tree?

Photos via Pinterest, Hapuku Lodge, Ritz Dorado Beach and Chewton Glen