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The Neo-Trad Gets a Makeover

Katie’s New Look

Back in 2009 when we were blogging newbies, we came across an enchanting blog called The Neo-Trad and knew that Katie Armour Taylor had something special.  Her fresh sense of style and classic American vibe captured the essence of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to a tee.  Then along came her online magazine, Matchbook, which we loved (who wouldn’t want to be a Matchbook Girl?) and was so sad to see close in 2015.

Katie Travels

Katie Entertains

Katie has been blogging all along and we still read every one of her posts when they show up in our inbox.  We’re also not ashamed to say that we stalk her on Instagram and her move to Copenhagen with her eccentric English husband and their plump pug, Alfred, has added a decidedly international flair to her feed.

Katie Decorates

Katie Lives

We don’t know how Katie found time to makeover her site between trips to India, Turkey and the like, but she did and she just launched Katie Considers last week.  From travel (city guides are being finalized!) and fashion (you can’t miss her Daily Hunt) to interior design and art, you’ll love what Katie has to offer.  And she has even expanded her shop to include a library so you can explore all of her favorite books by category!

Katie Packs

Even her newsletter has been given a major upgrade and if you subscribe to it, you’ll receive “25 Classics Every Woman Needs in her Closet” style guide.  What better way to get your wardrobe summer ready!


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Sprucing Up Times Square

While we’re on the subject of beautifying outdoor spaces, we’re on pins and needles waiting to find out who won the Times Square design competition to be unveiled mid-July.  As most New Yorkers know by now, “the new Broadway is here to stay” (according to Michael Bloomberg) but the not-so-temporary plazas are in sore need of a make-over.

Times Square's Pedestrian Plaza

Times Square's Pedestrian Plaza

Soon the glued epoxy gravel, stray planters and flimsy aluminum lawn chairs will be replaced by something a bit more inspired… perhaps with designs like these!

Flor - Roll In The Grass Rug

FLOR - Roll In The Grass Rug

Marcel Wanders - Crochet Chair

Marcel Wanders - Crochet Chair

FloralArt - Lucite Poppy Side Table

FloralArt - Lucite Poppy Side Table

Metropolitan Home - Showtime House Screens

Metropolitan Home - Showtime House Topiary Screens

Replace Video Screens with Art by Andrea Dasha Reich

Replace Video Screens with Art by Andrea Dasha Reich

Heath Nash - Flowerball Lamp

Heath Nash - Flowerball Lamp

According to Julie Iovine at The Wall Street Journal, “No one’s expecting Rome’s Piazza Navona, but someplace comfortable from which to watch the Naked Cowboy would be nice.”  We couldn’t agree more!

P.S.  Guess who’s The Neo-Traditionalist’s “Neo-Trad of the Week”?  Click here to see!

Photos from NYC loves NYC, FLOR, Marcel Wanders, Floral Art, Metropolitan Home, Establishment NYC, and Afrika Nova