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Still Seeing Stars

Classic and Chic

It all started with The Nanny Diaries…  Set designer Andrew Baseman came calling having “discovered” our designs at Bergdorf Goodman and we’ve been seeing stars ever since.

A Hit in the Making!

Next, we “auditioned” for the sets of Smash, which aired on NBC this spring, and on which Andy collaborated with production designer, Cabot McMullen.

A Producer's Office

Our Pink Chinese Cymbidium Orchid (featured in the hall above) makes a cameo in this show in the office of Broadway producer Eileen’s (played by Angelica Houston.)  The room is based on a real office in the Brill Building (home to numerous songwriters over the years) and had to have a nouveau rich aura about it so our Chateau in Bordeaux Bouquet was added in a supporting role on the table (you can see just above the gentleman’s shoulder.)

Lovely Leading Ladies

Songwriter Julia’s home is more comfortable in feeling with a mix of modern and vintage furniture and accessories.  Given that Debra Messing (who plays Julia) is highly allergic to fresh flowers, our faux fleurs appear in many scenes.  In this one, our Hydrangea Blossom (sadly no longer available) can be seen on the left side on the console just above the couch.

Singing Our Song

And our red carpet days aren’t over with a new show being filmed as we write…   666 Park Avenue will debut this fall on ABC, hopefully with some Diane James flowers in starring roles!

Photos via Traditional Home, The Los Angeles Times, Diane James Home and ABC