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Fall Inspiration: American Gems

Amethyst - AERIN Ring

Amethyst – AERIN Ring

This fall, we introduced two collections, one inspired by the super popular show Downton Abbey (we called it Upton Manor – read about it here) and one from an article we read in Martha Stewart Living Magazine about our country’s vast deposits of gemstones.

Medium Amethyst Bouquet

Medium Amethyst Bouquet

Not only did we love the luscious colors photographed in the article but we were drawn to this specific quote: “In their natural state, gemstones often have a rough but luminous quality that’s amplified when they are cut and faceted.”

Pink Tourmaline - Drop Earrings

Pink Tourmaline – Drop Earrings

Pink Rose Trio

Pink Rose Trio

Artificial flowers are similar – it’s only when we expertly cut and arrange them in our designs that they take on the natural beauty of live flowers.  And like gems which are the perfect accessory to complete an outfit, our flowers finish a room…

Garnet - Amore Rose Necklace

Garnet – Amore Rose Necklace

Red Amaryllis Bouquet

Red Amaryllis Bouquet

Who says only diamonds last forever?

P.S.  Diane James Home is turning five this weekend so we’re giving you the gift of 20% off your entire order!  Just enter the coupon code HAPPY5 in your shopping cart through Sunday, October 20th, to enjoy the savings.

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