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A White House Christmas

Mrs. Bush in 2005

Did you know that we’ve created designs for two presidential libraries?  Well, we have and the latest project was just unveiled in Dallas at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  All Things Bright and Beautiful was the theme picked by the Bush’s for their White House celebrations in 2005 and the new holiday exhibit showcases simple, yet elegant, decorations from the natural world.

The Tree in 2017

Lily Ornaments

From now until January 7, 2018, visitors can get a first hand look at a White House Christmas, from gorgeous floral designs by yours truly and colorful murals, to behind-the-scenes photos, Mrs. Bush’s holiday dress, and BarneyCam videos (not to mention Scotty-shaped topiaries decorated with gold bows!)

Tulips and Pears

Roses and Boxwood

We had such fun recreating the massive arrangements (over 100 stems of flowers in each) and making the 220 hanging lily ornaments for the 18-foot tree.  Best of all was seeing our designs come to life in this video and getting a tour with Mrs. Bush.

Barney and Miss Beazley Topiaries

Needless to say, our Christmas decorations won’t come close!  If you want more information about the event and buy tickets, click here.

photos here and here