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Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Poppies

Pretty Poppies

Many eons ago we spent August toodling around the Tuscan countryside in our Aunt Carole’s “station car”, a tiny Fiat 127 on its last legs wheels…  The passenger side window wouldn’t roll up once it was rolled down, the tape deck (yes, you read that right…  we did say it was eons ago!) ate our Human League and Pet Shop Boys cassettes, and we lost the key to the gas tank and had to open the cover with a knife (much to the displeasure of the Italian gas attendants!)

Brownie Dish

Oriental Poppy Tray

In any event, one of the highlights of our trip, and there were many (after all, we were in Tuscany!) was the scenery – fields upon fields of poppies.  In those days, we didn’t have Instagram, or smart phones for that matter, so we had to rely on our trusty non-digital camera to take pictures and wait until we returned to the States to see what we had captured on film.  While the photo albums we made have been stored away who knows where, the memories are still fresh, even in our forty-something minds…

Poppy Freesia Blossom Perfume

Poppy Bikini

In the language of flowers, poppies mean pleasure and fantastic exuberance, words that definitely describe our Tuscan adventures.  So in honor of the pretty poppy, we say chin chin!

Poppy Pillow

Do you have summer memories that stay with you?  We hope you make some this weekend.

Photos via Pinterest, Anthropologie, Diane James Home, Coach, Matches and John Lewis