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Summer’s End

The Sun Sets on Summer

Sweet smell of phlox drifting across the lawn-
an early warning of the end of summer.
August is fading fast, and by September
the little purple flowers will all be gone.
~ Rachel Hadas

Heading to the Hamptons to enjoy the last days of summer and we’ll see you just before September comes…  Happy Friday, all!

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The Latest Buzz

Vase and Verse

Our dear friends, Alison and Bo Jia, from Middle Kingdom, sent us this lovely poem that we had to share with our readers.  This creative couple has introduced a new series of vases and bowls inspired by the reclusive Tang Dynasty poet Han Shan (“Cold Mountain”), who was know for his eccentric simplicity and love of nature.

Middle Kingdom - Cold Mountain Vases

Middle Kingdom - Cold Mountain Vases

sitting on top of a boulder
the gorge stream icy cold
quiet fun holds a special charm
fogged-in on deserted cliffs
a fine place to rest
the sun leans and tree shadows sprawl
while I view the ground of my mind
a lotus comes out of the mud
   – Han Shan, 8th or 9th century AD, translated by Red Pine
     (Copper Canyon Press, 1983)

Wishing you a week filled with quiet fun!

For more information on Middle Kingdom, please visit their website and see our May 2009 post on their beautiful Georgetown home.

Photo from Home Accents Today