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We Dream of Jeanne McKay Hartmann Watercolors

Parisian Peonies

Happy November!  Fall has finally arrived and as the flowers fade in our gardens, we’re reminded that we have to wait until spring for bright blooms to reappear.  That’s why we’re thankful that our blogging bestie Jeanne reached out to us to let us know that her wonderful watercolors are now available for purchase on her website!  What better way to survive the long winter months than with one of her pretty paintings…

Jeanne’s Parisian Peonies

More Parisian Peonies

Pretty Paintings

Flowers are one of Jeanne’s favorite things to paint and this year they took her to Paris where she stalked peonies (no pun intended!) at the outdoor markets then painted them each evening, a brush in one hand and a glass of rosé in the other.  We can just picture her in her Saint Germain des Prés apartment capturing their happiness and elegance to a tee!

Jeanne at Work

Wonderful Watercolors

These Parisian blooms are now available – along with a year’s worth of floral watercolors – on Jeanne’s online store.  Ranging in size from 5″ x 7″ to 11″ x 14″, these paintings make the perfect gift for flower lovers everywhere.  And for those of you in the Seattle area, stop by Watson Kennedy where you can see Jeanne’s collection of exclusive paintings inspired by the owner, Ted.