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Welcome to France & Son

Our Tres Chic Orchid

There’s a huge demand for mid-century modern design these days but most of the original furniture is way to pricey for our budget.  That’s why we love France & Son where you can buy a Sputnik chandelier or a Barcelona-inspired chair for an affordable price.  With a showroom in lower Chelsea and a full online site, France & Son offers a wide range of furniture and accessories designed by the likes of Sean Dix and Thomas Bina.

Anders Sideboard

Modern Dining

Shelves (Not Just For Books!)

Outdoors / Indoors

We’ve been fans of the store for a while so when they placed an order last month for our flowers, we were beyond thrilled.  So we’d like to give a warm Wednesday welcome to France & Son!

Bold Stripes

P.S.  And check out their design blog and Instagram feed – both are filled with pretty pictures and design inspiration.


Monday Mix

Monday Mix

Mix this…

Tommaso Barbi Gingko Leaf Floor Lamp

with this…

Fabricut Flame Stitch

and get this!

Bedroom à la Brady Bunch

lamp / fabric / bedroom

Fabulous Finds

People Who Live in Glass Houses…

Philip Johnson's Glass House

Philip Johnson’s Glass House

We played hooky from work on Monday – a perfect Indian summer day – to finally tour Philip Johnson’s Glass House.  And yes, we’re embarrassed to say that we haven’t had the chance to visit this iconic home since it opened as a museum in 2007.  For anyone who’s seen the house first hand knows that it sits on a beautiful piece of property in New Canaan and is accompanied by 13 other Modernist structures so we highly recommend the extended tour which takes you into some of these.  But the Glass House is the most famous and the one we enjoyed viewing the most.  It’s stark, almost monastic, decor was enhanced by the stunning views of the landscaped 47-acre property.  Johnson believed in minimalism so you won’t see much furniture cluttering the loft-like spaces.  The kitchen was sparse (no Sub-Zero fridges or Viking stoves)  and even the bathroom was built into the circular chimney so you wouldn’t know it was there unless you opened a custom curved door.

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair

In addition to several pieces of Mies van der Rohe furniture, the only decorative accessories we saw were two lamps, two works of art, a couple of vases with orchids, a malachite cigarette holder and a circular ashtray.  Naturally, we thought Johnson could have added a bit more to the decor so once we got back to the visitor’s center, we picked out some of our favorite things to spruce up the place!

Baccarat Mosaique Tumblers

Baccarat Mosaique Tumblers

Iitala Aalto Vase

Iitala Aalto Vase

Skultuna Tulip Candlesticks

Skultuna Tulip Candlesticks

J&L Lobmeyr Lily Espresso Cup and Saucer

J&L Lobmeyr Lily Espresso Cup and Saucer

The good news is that these items are for sale online so you, too, can tap into your inner mid-century modern soul and help support the Glass House.

P.S.  Have you seen The Glass House?  If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Photo of house by yours truly, the others can be found here.