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In the Garden


Herbal Basket

Given all the construction going on inside our home, our poor garden has been left to fend for itself this spring and quite frankly, all we have energy for is herbs.  Which  is actually great since they’re so versatile and easy to care for…  and they’re also good for you!  For instance, did you know that you can improve your memory by sniffing rosemary?

Romantic Rosemary

Or stay alert by chewing mint?

Marvelous Mint

How about curing anxiety by eating lavender?  (Or relax after a long day by bathing in it!)

Lovely Lavender

Basil has anti inflammatory enzymes that help with arthritis…

Beautiful Basil

and drinking sage tea can banish bloat before a big date!

Sensational Sage

We’re thinking all of these would make a great additions to our herb garden (and recipes) this summer.  Do you have a favorite?

Photos via Pinterest and The Cake Bar