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Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: Channeling Downton Abbey

Lady Edith, Countess Cora and Lady Mary

Lady Edith, Countess Cora and Lady Mary

Like many of you last Sunday night, we were glued to our televisions watching the first episode of the last season of Downton Abbey.  Having valiantly resisted the urge to download Season 6 illegally on our computers for a year, we stayed up beyond our usual weeknight bedtime (we do get up very early to get teenage boys off to school so please don’t judge!)  While we found the first episode a bit slow (they needed to wrap up lose ends with Anna and Mr. Bates and remind us of Mary’s wild week of romance), we so loved the Dowager’s one liners (“Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?) and the fashions.  Even Mary showed up wearing last year’s Marsala (Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year) looking lovely.

Jennifer Ouellette - Madonna Hat

Jennifer Ouellette – Madonna Hat

Kate Spade - New York Hat

Kate Spade – New York Hat

Given this week brutal change in temperature, we’re dedicating this fashion post to hats and pins – and hope that the ladies of Downton Abbey would approve.

Lanvin - Flower Brooch

Lanvin – Flower Brooch

Theo Fennel - Dragonfly Pin

Theo Fennel – Dragonfly Pin

Stazia Loren - Floral Brooch

Stazia Loren – Floral Brooch

Are you a fan?  Let’s us know what you thought of the fashions…

Happy “Flapper” Friday!

blue cloche / cream cloche / flower brooch / dragonfly pin / floral brooch

Inspirations, The Latest Buzz

Spring Bling

Baublebar – Blue Hibiscus Ring

Have you ever experienced what we like to call “analysis paralysis”?  Here’s the scenario: Over the years, you’ve gathered all your favorite pictures for a home renovation, your binder, folders and Pinterest boards are brimming with ideas, but when the time comes to finally design your dream bath, kitchen, etc., you can’t make a decision or you second guess the decisions you’ve made!

Kate Spade – Ladybug Earrings

We’re not the kind of girls to wing home décor so we do spend an awful lot of time (perhaps too much?) thinking about our projects before jumping in.

Finn – Emerald Leaf Bracelet

Alex Monroe – Fine Gardner Charm Bracelet

Ever since we hired a contractor, he’s been cracking the whip and we’ve had to make quick decisions on the fly – tile, molding, carpet, and paint colors and now, hardware!  Needless to say, we’d rather be shopping for hardware of a different kind to wear this spring…

Lanvin – Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Oscar de la Renta – Resin Rose Ring

Have you ever renovated your home and felt the same way?  Can you wing the bling or do you get analysis paralysis?

Photos via Baublebar, Kate Spade, Barney’s, Alex Monroe, Lanvin, and Oscar de la Renta



Autumn Leaves

Falling for Fall

“The falling leaves drift by my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold…”  This Nat King Cole favorite never fails to remind us of the fleeting nature of fall. We love the bright, sunny days, the crisp nip in the air, dressing in layers and adding autumn hues to our homes…

Shades of Fall

Fall Comfort

our menus…

Fall Tea Leaves

and to our wardrobes.

Fall’s In The Bag!

Fall’s Flat

How will you be celebrating the fall season this year?

Photos via Pinterest, Layla Grace, Madeline Weinrib, Terrain, Net-A-Porter and Banana Republic