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A Sketch a Day Giveaway from I Dream Of!

Day 5 - Our Bouquet (Original)

Day 5 – Our Bouquet (Original)

Jeanne, from the beautiful and creative blog, I Dream Of, started off the year giving herself a challenge – to paint on a daily basis – and using pictures she finds on Instagram, she’s doing just that (you can see her daily sketches here!)  Her goals are to be spontaneous and fast (her paintings take less than 30 minutes) and to not be afraid of making mistakes.  Five days into her challenge, a pretty posy popped up on her Instagram and it was the Blush Hydrangea and Ranunculus bouquet from our new Spring/Summer 2015 collection!  She said that the soft pinks and greens reminded her of bright spring days ahead…

Day 18 - @zhush

Day 18 – @zhush

Day 6 - @prettypetals

Day 6 – @prettypetals

With snow on the ground and frigid temps in the air, we thought we’d bring a bit of spring your way in the form of a giveaway!  While Jeanne is holding on to her original pieces, she did paint a copy of her day 5 sketch for us to give to one of our wonderful readers.  All you have to do is visit Jeanne’s Instagram page and let us know which is your favorite sketch with either a comment below or an email to!  She’s painted 30 so far and they’re all so lovely.  We’re partial to her florals but we also love her sketches of Paris…  Did we mention that Jeanne is also a world traveler?

Day 15 - @watsonkennedy

Day 15 – @watsonkennedy

Day 7 - @blossom_en_vogue

Day 7 – @blossom_en_vogue

Day 5 - Giveaway

Day 5 – Giveaway

You have until 11:59 pm eastern time on Sunday, February 8th, 2015 to enter and the lucky winner will receive Jeanne’s sketch in time for Valentine’s Day!  Happy Friday and may your weekend be dreamy.

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