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Planting Seeds From Dusk Till Dawn

Early Shades Colors

Early Shades Colors

It’s no surprise that we have black thumbs so these boxed beauties would be a bit of a challenge for us but for all the green thumbs out there, they might be just the thing for you or make the perfect gift for Mom.  Coloni, a Swedish gardening company founded in 2010, creates plant seed mixes according to a theme, much like a fashion designer would for a runway collection (and like we do for our own seasonal lines.)

Early Shades Seed Mix

Early Shades Seed Mix

Coloni’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, From Dusk Till Dawn, includes three mixes capturing different times of day.  Early Shades has flowers that open to the morning sun like apple blossom bush and poppies, while Harvest Noon has meadow grasses…

Harvest Noon Colors

Harvest Noon Colors

Harvest Noon Seeds

Harvest Noon Seeds

and Into the Night consists of exotic, shade-loving blooms such nemopila and collinsia (also known as Purple Chinese Houses.)

Into The Night Colors

Into the Night Colors

We can just imagine a garden planted with these blooms and watch as the flowers open and close throughout the day…  That is, if we ever got the seeds to grow.  Perhaps next year we can even give our mother a real bouquet…

Into the Night Seeds

Into the Night Seeds

Are you “digging” these seed mixes?  Hope your weekend is filled with garden fun and wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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This + This = That


“Throw Back”

+ this…

“My Summer Accessory”

+ this

“Smooth Operator”

= that…

“Red Rose Exploded”

“Hydrangea Exploded”

“Lotus Exploded”

We’re planning on doing a little gardening this weekend if the rain ever lets up!  Do you have equally exciting plans for the official start of summer?

Photos via Kelly Reemtsen and Thoughtful Photography