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Going to the Chapel

This weekend  in 1991, we were all abuzz with wedding preparations, making round trips to the French countryside from Paris on a weekly basis to make sure everything for a fairy-tale reception was ready…

Chateau d'Esclimont - St. Symphorien, France

Romantic castle with towers and turrets surrounded by a moat: check

Salle de Mariage

Reception hall with soaring ceilings and stags’ heads (plaster, of course!): check

Fabulous Fleurs

Pale cream and pink flowers spilling from tall vases: check

Marvelous Menu

A menu fit for a king including foie gras, salmon and lamb: check

Gateau de Mariage

And a traditional wedding cake made of layers of profiterolles: check

It seems like yesterday, but it’s been twenty years – guess time flies when you’re married to your Prince Charming…  Happy Anniversary, Cynthia!

Photos via yours truly, Grandes Etapes, Milton Gil Photography and So This is Bliss