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Thanks, Mom!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to revisit one of our posts and thank our beautiful mother for her love and support over all these years!


Throughout our childhood, our father was all about the A’s in school, while our mother helped us mind our B’s…

Bee Yourself *

Bee Lovely *

Bee Happy

Bee Charming

Bee Bubbly

Bee Bubbly

Bee Gracious

Bee Gracious

Bee Sweet

Bee Sweet

Bee Thoughtful

Bee Thoughtful

And above all, “bee” all that you can “bee”!

P.S.  Yes, we know – there’s no bee in the first image but Audrey is sporting a mighty fine beehive…  Happy Mother’s Day!

Audrey / ring / soap / plates / cookies / card

The Latest Buzz

The Bee’s Knees

Nicole – The Queen Bee

Everyone’s been a-buzz this week with red carpet fashion reviews and we wouldn’t be The Buzz without mentioning the gorgeous custom Alexander McQueen dress Nicole Kidman wore at the Golden Globes.  The ultra-fitted, corseted black gown had a more demure neckline decorated with a bevy of golden bees and was much more wearable then most of the outfits that Sarah Burton presented on the runway last fall.

Floral Fashion

Spring Loveliness

Influenced by McQueen’s love of feminine silhouettes, romantic crinolines and accessories that are like pieces of art, Sarah’s spring 2013 collection is definitely the bee’s knees.  Mesh headpieces like beekeepers’ hats, honeycomb patterned jackets, bee studded cuffs and chokers were inspired by all that is apiary.

Corset and Crinoline

Crazy Clutch

The pregnant designer (due any day now!) doesn’t really know where this all started but it may be because that her studio is filled with female worker bees.  In any event, the collection is beautiful and worth all the buzz it’s getting!

Golden Honey Bees

Photos via The Huffington Post, and Alexander McQueen