Shopping with Martyn and Kathryn

Mahvelous Dahlings!

With three and a half weeks to go and nothing crossed off our “to-do” lists, we thought we’d hire some professionals to help us with the Christmas shopping.

Rhadi Living Pillows from Pakistan

"Live, Love & Decorate"

Sensational Silver Julep Cups

Thankfully, Martyn and Kathryn (you know, our absolute faves on Million Dollar Decorators) were ready and willing to share their favorite gifts…

Handsoap by Malie Organics

Napoleon Bee Drinkware from La Rochere

With so many wonderful things, we won’t miss the wine and chocolates!

Photos via OpenSky


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11 Responses to “Shopping with Martyn and Kathryn”

  1. I haven’t seen the book yet but did order it for a friend who is a fellow design book junkie. And I think I am a serial handsoap collector, so will have to check out that brand. Happy holdiays.

  2. The Zhush says:

    Was just listening to Martyn on the Skirted Roundtable last night…and now I adore this man even more!:) Fabulous ideas from two fab designers.

  3. Love Martyn and all of these picks!! xx

  4. pretty pink tulips says:

    Love these two!!! Wouldn’t it be great to have a little elf who could read our minds, do the shopping and then wrap the gifts!!!!

    xx E

  5. Such a timely post, I’ve been trying to get my mind around my gift list for the year and haven’t quite found my inner Elf yet — I’m with Elizabeth, a little bit of Elf help would go a long way this time of year!

  6. Love their choices! I have been partial to mint julep cups for a long time so I was glad to see those on the list!

  7. Perfect – just what I want for my Christmas stocking – I’ll forward this post to my hubby.

  8. I just listened to Martyn on the skirted roundtable yesterday. LOVE him! I wish I could really go shopping with these two :)

  9. Kat Tanita says:

    obsessed with Million Dollar Decorators!!!

  10. quintessence says:

    Ha – we were clearly on the same page!! Did I tell you I ran into him (almost literally) at Barney’s? I was getting out of the elevator as he was getting in and had a deer in the headlights moment! He is even better looking in person!

  11. Kelly Market says:

    Hehehe…I miss these two! I need to get moving on my lists also….to give and to get! xxKO

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