Ultra Violet

Happy Purple Holidays

Can you guess what Pantone’s Color of the Year is for 2018?  Ultra Violet is a complex, celestial purple that sits closer to blue on the color wheel than red.  Given that this hue has a mystical and spiritual quality, we’re not surprised that the folks at Pantone chose it.

Mary McGeen

After all that’s been happening socially and politically this year, it’s time to infuse a little purple magic in our lives, and in our homes.  You can make quite an statement by painting your entry a gorgeous shade of lilac…

Alex Papachristidis

Or take a cue from Alex Papachristidis and mix different shades to create a living room that is energizing, yet relaxing.

David Kaihoi

Who wouldn’t want to dine in this divine nook?

Phoebe Howard

And getting a good night’s rest would be easy in this lovely lavender bed room.

Jamie Drake

Since ultra violet has both warm and cool qualities, it’s more versatile than you think.  We’ve even paired it with Greenery (this year’s Pantone choice) to great effect!

tree / entry / living room / dining room / bed room / sitting room


Local Gems Team Up For The Holidays

Quinto Welcomes You!

When you cross a super talented photographer (who’s a complete minimalist!) with an interior designer known for her whimsical yet modern style you get a storybook 1916 cottage decked out for the holidays…  and some lovely images in the pages of this month’s Connecticut Cottages & Gardens magazine.

Modern + Whimsy

Those of you who follow us on Instagram and read this blog know how much we admire Jane Beiles and her work, and we’ve featured her home here before.  We’re also huge fans of another local gem, Melissa Lindsay of Pimlico Interiors, so when the two teamed up to decorate for the holidays, we had to be in on the action!  [Yes, the pine branches in the picture above are ours but not the fresh greenery below…]

Gorgeous Greens

Wanting her home to feel festive but not scream holidays (no red and green tartan here!), Jane had local floral studio Birch Designs adorn the front door and staircase with fresh greens and create arrangements appropriate for the season.

Sugar + Spice

“Tis The Season for Amaryllis

Lindsey added frosted pine cones, illuminated birch trees and glittery reindeer to the mix to create a slightly Scandinavian feel, perfect for the clean, yet lighthearted interiors.  The result is fresh, peaceful and utterly charming.

Peace on Earth

Are you ready for the holidays?

photos by Jane Beiles


A White House Christmas

Mrs. Bush in 2005

Did you know that we’ve created designs for two presidential libraries?  Well, we have and the latest project was just unveiled in Dallas at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.  All Things Bright and Beautiful was the theme picked by the Bush’s for their White House celebrations in 2005 and the new holiday exhibit showcases simple, yet elegant, decorations from the natural world.

The Tree in 2017

Lily Ornaments

From now until January 7, 2018, visitors can get a first hand look at a White House Christmas, from gorgeous floral designs by yours truly and colorful murals, to behind-the-scenes photos, Mrs. Bush’s holiday dress, and BarneyCam videos (not to mention Scotty-shaped topiaries decorated with gold bows!)

Tulips and Pears

Roses and Boxwood

We had such fun recreating the massive arrangements (over 100 stems of flowers in each) and making the 220 hanging lily ornaments for the 18-foot tree.  Best of all was seeing our designs come to life in this video and getting a tour with Mrs. Bush.

Barney and Miss Beazley Topiaries

Needless to say, our Christmas decorations won’t come close!  If you want more information about the event and buy tickets, click here.

photos here and here


Wrapping Up The Holidays

It’s A Wrap!

Wrapping paper is a bit like the icing on a cake – the prettier a gift is wrapped, the more you want to see what’s inside.  We’re suckers for anything with a botanical print and the less traditional, the better.  That’s why we fell hard for Justina Blakeney‘s new collection of wrapping paper when we discovered it on Instagram.

Let It Roll

Packages Tied Up With String

Truth be told, we haven’t tackled the shopping yet, but are truly inspired by Justina’s creative touch.  She knows first hand how much a beautifully wrapped gift can enhance the whole experience of giving and receiving and shares some wonderful tips on her blog, Jungalow.

Foraged and Found

Why not add a succulent or charm to the bow for a special touch?  Or try one of Justina’s pins for extra bling.  Not only are the Jungalow patterns colorful and fun, they’re perfect throughout the year.

Noah Wrapping Paper

Hamsa Wrapping PAper

At some point we’ll stop procrastinating and actually have things to wrap…  Are you all wrapped up for the season?


Monday Mantra

Monday Mantra

In Full Bloom

Remember the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.  ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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What's in Store

Bergdorf Goodman’s Ode to New York

New York Botanical Gardens

New York during the holidays sparkles and we try to get into the city at least once or twice to get our jingle bells on…  Top on our list is window shopping at the big three – Bergdorf’s, Bendel’s and Barney’s!  We heard rumor of what was behind the curtain at Bergdorf’s when we met with our buyers last month so we’re very excited to see the windows in person.

New York Historical Society

The New York Philharmonic

Partnering with some of New York’s iconic institutions, Bergdorf created holiday displays that are beyond bling (like over 1.5 million individual Swarovski crystals covering dinosaur skeletons and giant paper mache flowers).  From the New York Botanical Garden to the American Museum of Natural History (both of which we adore and have spent so many hours exploring) these partners provided so much inspiration to David Hoey, the store’s director of visual presentation.  “While exploring this theme, we knew the windows had to be dynamic and multilayered to evoke the excitement of New York today, while simultaneously celebrating the city’s past,” says Hoey.

Museum of Moving Image

American Museum of Natural History


This iconic store’s creativity extends beyond the windows onto the shelves where a slew of limited edition products and experiences have been created with the institutions and current vendors.  We’re sure there’s something for everyone, even the most picky mother-in-law!


Fun with Food

Let Them Eat Flowers…

Sugared Fall Flowers

and cake!  We know Thanksgiving is all about the pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan – take your pick!) but when we came across Natasja Sadi’s Instagram feed, all we can think about is her gorgeous cakes.  Is it heresy to think that we could replace our traditional pumpkin chiffon pie made from a long standing family recipe with one of these lovelies?

Sugared Poppies

Sugared Anemones

Natasja’s famed sugared flowers seem unfathomably real and we’d settle for those alone.  From poppies and peonies, to ranunculus and roses we are amazed by their detail and beauty.

Spring Flowers Cake

Garden Rose Cake

Yet while the flowers blow us away, the cake flavors make our mouth water.  Natasja has been inventing, testing and refining cake recipes since 2010 and she strikes the right balance between tart and sweet.  The list includes sweet and salty caramel chocolate, strawberry and champagne, lemon lovers dream and blueberry heaven.

Magnolia Cake

So who’s with us?  Let us eat cake instead of pie!