On Pins and Needles

Little Bees

With all the buzz about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram this week, we can’t help but think Pinterest is next!  It seems that everyone (and not just us bloggers!) is pinning these days - and spending hours creating beautiful boards (much to the confusion of some husbands who still don’t get it…  Alison from My Happy Little Place had us in stitches with this post!)


Fabulous Food

Obviously, given our love for flowers, our boards tend to have a botanical bent, though we’re open to suggestions and would love to add more.  Do you follow a prolific pinner and have a favorite board?  Let us know…



P.S.  If you’d like to see what we’ve pinned lately, click here!

Terrific Tablesettings

Photos via Pinterest

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11 Responses to “On Pins and Needles”

  1. Just checked out your boards and repinned a couple of table settings ! :) I don’t really have the patience or the time to pin that much, but you have to recognise that it’s a useful tool for us bloggers!

  2. Have to admit I haven’t yet jumped on the pinterest bandwagon, I have an account and a few pics but seriously nothing worth talking about. I dont’ go on very often and I am glad the bug hasn’t bit because as is, I have a hard time sometimes breaking away from my computer!! But i am sure you are right Pinterest is probably the next “victim” in their world domination! Hope you have a fabulous day.

  3. Love Pinterest! Have a great weekend. xx

  4. Stephanie @ La Dolce Vita says:

    Don’t you just love Pinterest? It’s so much fun!

  5. quintessence says:

    I was thinking the exact same thing!! Will have to check Alison’s post – my husband doesn’t get any of this either!! Love your beautiful boards and that last gorgeous shot – will be pinning that as soon as I finish typing!! :-)))

  6. Beautiful pics! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

  7. annie says:

    Completely addicted to Pinterest! I love that I don’t have to tear pages out of magazines and figure out a way to organize them in binders. When we were re-doing our CA house I gave my architect three binders….filled with my ideas. I don’t think he was amused. My builder on the other hand loved it! Now all I would have to do is show them my Pinterest boards. What’s not love about it? I often wonder what I did all day before blogs and Pinterest! ha!

  8. Do you remember this time last year when we had to search for hours to prepare a post? Buy the images and magazines? Wow, how Pinterest has changed things! We can hand pick ONLY what we love.
    I have 67 boards and love every minute.
    Great post!
    Happy Friday.

  9. kathysue says:

    Love Pinterest!! It is full of inspiration and with just a click it is organized on my pinboards. With over 12,000 pins you might say I am a prolific pinner. I spent years researching images and ideas for clients so this is just second nature for me to pin. I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. I have been on Pinterest a bit longer than most, hence so many pins. Love it there. I think I already follow you, I will check and make sure I do. I l have several boards dedicated to , gardens, flowers and tablescapes. Love your work and you alway inspire me, xo
    Happy Pinning,

  10. pretty pink tulips says:

    I was a little slow on the learning curve, but now I pin almost daily!

    Love what you’re pinning, need to repin a few of those!
    Happy Weekend girls!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  11. stitchfork says:

    Still in the beginner stage on Pinterest – afraid I’ll get pulled in gazing at all the images…
    Love that bee ring!
    xo Cathy

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