Monday Mood

It’s Monday – what mood are you in?

Divine Dining


Pronunciation: [stʌft]

Filled with good things

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Photo via Lonny

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11 Responses to “Monday Mood”

  1. claudia lane says:

    so many gorgeous and unique pieces in this image…I love the dining chairs and the peacock of course is a fantastic focal point. Have a wonderful week xo

  2. pve says:

    My walk took me a bit longer than usual yesterday and I blame it on all the extra stuff from last thursday….but I am going to keep walking and add more veggies to my dishes….and salads too.
    Pretty as a peacock….that is my goal for the holidays.

  3. pretty pink tulips says:

    Happy to be back home, getting organized and ready for the holiday season ahead!!!!

    Happy Monday, Carolyn!
    xoxo E

  4. Stuffed is the right word for it — and there is still leftover pie in the refrigerator. Hope my fancy holiday “feathers” still fit!

    Happy Monday!

  5. designchic says:

    I still feel stuffed…trying to eat a little lighter for the next week. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

  6. stitchfork says:

    Still stuffed, but the refrigerator light can now be seen again as lots of leftovers went back to school with the guys!
    xo Cathy

  7. Isabelle says:

    Ha! Have a great week as you de-stuff! Isabelle xo

  8. I am going with festive! xx

  9. quintessence says:

    You and me both!! Getting back to the regime today!!

  10. Kelly Market says:

    Perfect image AND word!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving : ) Still getting back into the groove….and finishing off pie! xxKO

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