Monday Mood

It’s Monday – what mood are you in?

Annie Wietzmann... Wow!

Annie Wietzmann... Wow!


Pronunciation: \ˈtā-lərd\

Custom-made, having the look of one fitted by a designer

Photo via Connecticut Cottages & Gardens

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11 Responses to “Monday Mood”

  1. Anxious, excited, and a wee bit overwhelmed thinking about all I have to do this week!
    Wishing you a great day.

  2. quintessence says:

    Tailored is totally my style!! It’s a great base for both fashion and decor and then you can easily mix it up with accessories to add some unexpected fun!

  3. What a great image! Happy Monday! xx

  4. the zhush says:

    Shleppy but relaxed over here (in VT!) :)

  5. designchic says:

    Loving this image to start my week – Happy Monday, ladies!!

  6. I wish mine were tailored but slightly crazed is more like it! And here I am sneaking away to blog! oops!

  7. stitchfork says:

    Monday again… already?! This summer is just zinging by. Love the candlesticks in the photo!
    xo Cathy

  8. Kelly Market says:

    Perfect word as I’m “tailoring” some curtains with grosgrain trim right now : ) Happy Monday! x KO

    p.s. Snuck in a few Diane James blooms in a must-haves post today….

  9. Tailored is how I dress, I start out tailored in decorating,but typically end up with that “collected” look.
    My goal for the week: get unpacked!

  10. Excited, exhausted, glad to be home, disappointed my holiday is over. Back to the grindstone with renovating and decision making, can’t be bothered unpacking yet…..etc etc. Beautiful image.

  11. hamptontoes says:

    Big fan of a tailored look. I’m feeling relaxed at the moment after a busy, but good day. Hope you gals have a great week.

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