Monday Mood

It’s Monday – what mood are you in?


Danielle Rollins’ Bar


Pronunciation: /səˈlesCHəl/

Heavenly and out of this world…  We’re still starstruck from the Oscars last night (and always awed by Miles Redd’s talent!)

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10 Responses to “Monday Mood”

  1. quintessence says:

    While I didn’t see the entire show, I saw a higher number than usual outfits I thought were beautiful with Lupita Nyong’o knocking it out of the park in her gorgeous Prada number. I have always loved this room – in fact the entire house is pretty spectacular!

  2. Oh that color! I’m just back from a few days in Mexico, and I swear it’s the same color I saw in the sea and the ski. I’m definitely missing it this morning as the rain pours down from gray Seattle skies!

    Hope you have a lovely week, ladies! XO

  3. stitchfork says:

    No blue Mondays in that room!
    Have a great week ladies!

  4. I agree with Quintessence – This entire house is one of the most beautiful with other celestial blue moments throughout! Oh that Living Room…. Thank you for giving us ‘heavenly’ color for a Monday!

  5. Stayed up till the very end and lapped up every fun minute. I thought overall it was wonderful, very glamorous with few misses! I was very happy about all the winners though there were so many deserving contenders. A great show… beautiful is that picture above!

  6. pretty pink tulips says:

    This is one of my all time favorite rooms!!!! It is truly heavenly!

    I was fighting to stay awake, but perked up when I saw Matthew won best actor. As a fellow Texan, he’s always my favorite!

    xoxo E

  7. Leslie says:

    Happy Monday Ladies! Yes..gorgeous room AND home. Don’t you just love that sink? Sounds like you enjoyed the evening last night. I’m anxious to see some of the movies I missed. There are so many good ones this year. Matthew and Kate.. good for them!

  8. You know Miles can do no wrong in my eyes, and this is by far one of my favorites! Danielle home is so gorgeous!
    Happy March!

  9. Love his work….hope your Monday was happy!

  10. pve says:

    I could be in a good mood for miles and “Miles” any day or night stepping into that star studded bar.
    Loved the Oscars and having seeing all the winning movies and talented actors sure put me in a good mood. That was my goal to see more movies and I am sticking to it!
    Danielle’s home should win an Oscar for best set design!

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