Monday Mood

It’s the first Monday of 2013 – what mood are you in?

Easy to be Green

En vogue

Pronunciation: /n vg/

Stylish; fashionable…  Who could forget Aline Cho’s fabulous dining room on APT with LSD?!  What a great display of Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald!

Photo via Vogue



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15 Responses to “Monday Mood”

  1. I can never say no to green Diane. Funny how we grow to love colours. I think in my 20-30′s I would have said blue for everything. Our house in New Canaan had a rose and blue theme all those years ago. I let it all go and turned to warm yellow, oranges and green. To this day, in my 50′s, I can’t get enough of it….even in steamy Saigon…where neutral and white is the norm. I am as stubborn as they come. Probably because I know that one day…I will be sitting in the right room, in the right country, in the right temperature…and I will feel complete. Until then…it’s a green world for me!
    Wow…all that from one question, I never would have the first sentence to this comment would have led me down memory lane. Thank you!

    Best wishes..

    Jeanne xx

  2. quintessence says:

    I ADORE green – and I am so happy the color of the year is one I can also wear!! Not sure I’m feeling so en vogue today but certainly am loving green!

  3. Oh! I hadn’t thought of it being the first Monday of 2013! My day is going pretty well, let’s hope I have started how I mean to go on! Have a lovely week ladies!

  4. Oh. Oh. Oh. Does this room make a statement or what? LOVE the green and white.
    The pape rwhites in the last post are fabulous too.
    Happy New Year, Cynthia and Carolyn!

  5. Stylelinx says:

    I’m really into the greens right now! I just finished painting the inside of my secretary a similar color–love it!! And Happy New Year! xo

  6. Phyllis says:

    Well, I am getting over the flu so I am dragging a little but this photo perked me right up. I really love this look although it is not my personal style. I am looking forward to my daughters’ first apartments – this is what we’ll do.
    Have a great week!

  7. I love green, though in general, emerald isn’t my first choice. I have a lot of green in my home. This year, I am feeling the blues so much though. I am seeing some lacquered trays and boxes, (already ordered!) and some ginger jars in my future! Have a wonderful week!

  8. stitchfork says:

    Love the green and can’t wait to see more of it this year! Not exactly looking en vogue here as I clear away the holidays…

  9. KATHYSUE says:

    Loving those lamps, such a fun splash of Emerald/Kelly green!! happy Monday,
    xo Kathysue

  10. I absolutely love emerald green, it’s my favorite color!! So excited it’s the color of the year! I wouldn’t say I look very en vogue, but I’m inspired to!!

    Happy first Monday of the year!!!

  11. Every time I see green…I now think Pantone’s color of the year….funny I don’t know why I can remember that, and last years color, when there are so many things I forget…on a daily basis!

  12. I don’t feel en vogue after all of the holiday eating, but I am trying my hand at some new looks around the house to make it a bit more en vogue! :)

  13. Ah, a beautiful beginning to the week and the new year. Hope you ladies are well and off to a stylish start! XO

  14. pretty pink tulips says:

    Gorgeous room!!!!

    I must admit that today felt like the first day of vacation to me. Boys back to school, hubby back to work. Just me and Molly, catching up, straightening up, getting things in order. And order makes me happy!! :)

    Looking forward to a year full of Monday Moods!
    Have fun in Atlanta!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  15. Leslie says:

    Green is in so green it is! I have a neutral home and I like adding the splashes of green. Even a green plant does wonders. Love the photo!

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