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Let Them Eat Flowers…

Sugared Fall Flowers

and cake!  We know Thanksgiving is all about the pies (pumpkin, apple, pecan – take your pick!) but when we came across Natasja Sadi’s Instagram feed, all we can think about is her gorgeous cakes.  Is it heresy to think that we could replace our traditional pumpkin chiffon pie made from a long standing family recipe with one of these lovelies?

Sugared Poppies

Sugared Anemones

Natasja’s famed sugared flowers seem unfathomably real and we’d settle for those alone.  From poppies and peonies, to ranunculus and roses we are amazed by their detail and beauty.

Spring Flowers Cake

Garden Rose Cake

Yet while the flowers blow us away, the cake flavors make our mouth water.  Natasja has been inventing, testing and refining cake recipes since 2010 and she strikes the right balance between tart and sweet.  The list includes sweet and salty caramel chocolate, strawberry and champagne, lemon lovers dream and blueberry heaven.

Magnolia Cake

So who’s with us?  Let us eat cake instead of pie!


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