Dedicated Follower of Fashion

"Over Here, Over Here"

They seek her here,
they seek her there,
her clothes are loud but never square

Maria Katrantzou

‘cos she’s a dedicated follower of fashion.

There’s one thing that she loves
and that is flattery
one week she’s in polka dots

Stella McCartney

the next week she’s in stripes


‘cos she’s a dedicated follower of fashion.

Her world is built ’round discotheques and parties

Louis Vuitton

this pleasure seeking individual always look her best

Blu Girl

‘cos she’s a dedicated follower of fashion.

P.S.  We’re so looking forward to wearing our spring fashions… aren’t you?

Word by The Kinks (modified by yours truly) and photos via and NY Magazine



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10 Responses to “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”

  1. In a word, YES!
    But we really can’t complain about this winter. :-)

  2. quintessence says:

    Love your version of the Kinks classic!! And yes, loving all the looks of spring fashion, even though I’m still wrapping my head around fall!!

  3. Yes, yes and yes! And bare legs and sandals, please. My spring dresses are getting impatient and are ready to jump out of the closet!

  4. designchic says:

    So looking forward to it…love the stripes and polka dots!! Happy weekend ~

  5. Now this what I call a fashion introduction. So cute. I love the new softer happy looks for spring!
    Thank you for sharing, and you ladies have a great weekend!

  6. Kelly Market says:

    Love this!! So fun, and I love all your picks : ) Happy weekend ladies! xxKelly

  7. pve says:

    I love all the seasons and love fashion’s ever changing seasons too!
    Enjoy this glorious day-

  8. Loved this post! I am counting down the days until Spring! That Fendi coat is AMAZING! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. StyleLinx says:

    Great post! Love that Stella McCartney dress, it’s in my ‘gotta have’ file!

  10. Love the striped trench style dress!!! So pretty.

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