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Posy Palette

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Grape Hyacinth

Purple Posy Palette

A Purple Posy Palette

Spring has sprung here in the Northeast (though winter never really arrived!) and before the bright yellows of forsythia and daffodils take over, we’re happy to see the pale purple blooms of grape hyacinth in our flower beds… and love the fact that we can include this pretty purple palette in our homes (and in our wardrobes!)

Purple Party Dress

Purple Petal Pumps

Purple Pillars

Purple Prints

Purple Pods

What pretty palettes are you working with this spring?

Photos via Pinterest, Pink Lemonade, J. Crew, Z Gallerie, John Robshaw and Pheremone

Posy Palette

Posy Palette: Dusty Miller

"Dusty" Bouquet

There’s something about the simplicity and softness of dusty miller that helps us get through the winter months when all there is to look at is bare branches in the yard.

"Dusty" Leaves

"Dusty" Bedding

Not only is is this silvery-gray plant easy to grow, it’s scaringly draught-resistant (for those of you who, like us, neglect their real plants!)

"Dusty" Room

"Dusty" Dishes

Best of all, their neutral hue goes with absolutely everything… including your wardrobe!

"Dusty" Pumps

P.S.  You’ve probably guessed by now that we’re cutting back a bit on our posts and we hope you’ll keep on reading Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays…  after all, isn’t quality better than quantity?

Photos via Mo+Mo Living, A Place in The GardenCalvin Klein, Veranda, Kitchen Critic, and Net-a-Porter