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Monday Mantra

Monday Mantra

Purple Passion

Womanist is to feminist as purple is to lavender.  ~ Alice Walker

P.S.  Speaking of purple, tune in to CT Style at 12:30 pm EST today to see how you can add, Ultraviolet, Pantone’s color of the year to your decor with our blooms…


Fabulous Finds

Ashley Longshore x Bergdorf Goodman

Audrey with Cascading Flowers and Butterflies

Last fall, Bergdorf Goodman launched the new home collection for Gucci Decor with much fanfare and press and this month, they’re pushing the envelope again.  This time with New Orleans pop artist Ashley Longshore who is making history as the first solo female artist to be exhibited on the 7th Floor.

Audrey with Koi Fish Headdress

Audrey with Peacock and Feathers

Her extraordinary pieces have taken over the iconic store’s Fifth Avenue windows and a 945 square foot space that typically showcases more traditional home decor brands like Kim Seybert, John Derian and of course, Diane James.  From paintings featuring Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, to diamond rugs, lipstick sculptures and giant champagne corks, Ashley’s eye-catching work is having a moment and her collectors (including Blake Lively and Penelope Cruz) agree.

Audrey with Purple Kaleidoscope Headdress

When asked to describe her aesthetic, this very funny artist came up with “unapologetic, colorful, celebratory, sparkly, and humorous”…  And we think this is exactly what the world needs: a little more glittery goodness.  We just hope Ashley’s pieces don’t sell out before we get to see them in person.

Bergdorf Goodman Window

Bergdorf Goodman Window

Happy fabulous Friday!

photos 1 – 4, window photos by Rebecca McAlpin

Monday Mantra

Monday Mantra

A Boy and His Tree

Be your own self – you are the only you there is.  ~ Unknown
Here’s to you, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.!



The Wabi-Sabi Way

Happy Hellebore

Perhaps it’s because we grew up in an old Belgian chateau and were raised by an Axel Vervoordt superfan that we’ve come to admire the wabi-sabi way…  Or maybe it’s because we’re just on the other side of fifty and are finally embracing our own perfectly imperfect selves.  Regardless of the reason, we’ve decided to adopt a more wabi-sabi approach to life this year.  That means we won’t replace the set of dishes we received as wedding gifts even if some of them are chipped…

Kitchen Calm

and we’ll celebrate the single blossoming branch rather than the opulent bouquet.

Branching Out

We’ll admire the perfectly painted patina of the armoire our father bought in Provence so many years ago and ignore the trail of fingerprints our boys have blessed our white walls with.

Perfect Patina

Perhaps we’ll hit some flea markets in search of vintage bottles (and you might see some in our new spring collection)…

Antique Chic

And maybe we’ll even let the weeds grow between the flowers and plant in calm, monochromatic hues.

Green Gardens

In this sleek, tech-obsessed, mass-produced world, a little wabi-sabi can go a long way – don’t you agree?

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Monday Mantra

Monday Mantra

Hello January

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

A resolution we plan to keep…  Happy 2018!


Fabulous Finds

All That Glitters…


Golden Gifts

is gold!  Did you know that the original saying was penned by Shakespeare and appears in Act II of The Merchant of Venice?

Pine Cone and Acorn Ornaments

Stripy Bee Napkin Ring

With Christmas just around the corner, we know that time is of an essence so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite glittery gifts that won’t break the bank.

Frosty Woodland Arrangement

French Garden Finials

The holidays are a perfect time to add a golden touch…

Glitterati Bouquet

And the good news is, if you place your order this weekend, you’ll have these by the end of the week!

ornaments / napkin ring / arrangement / finials / bouquet



Ultra Violet

Happy Purple Holidays

Can you guess what Pantone’s Color of the Year is for 2018?  Ultra Violet is a complex, celestial purple that sits closer to blue on the color wheel than red.  Given that this hue has a mystical and spiritual quality, we’re not surprised that the folks at Pantone chose it.

Mary McGeen

After all that’s been happening socially and politically this year, it’s time to infuse a little purple magic in our lives, and in our homes.  You can make quite an statement by painting your entry a gorgeous shade of lilac…

Alex Papachristidis

Or take a cue from Alex Papachristidis and mix different shades to create a living room that is energizing, yet relaxing.

David Kaihoi

Who wouldn’t want to dine in this divine nook?

Phoebe Howard

And getting a good night’s rest would be easy in this lovely lavender bed room.

Jamie Drake

Since ultra violet has both warm and cool qualities, it’s more versatile than you think.  We’ve even paired it with Greenery (this year’s Pantone choice) to great effect!

tree / entry / living room / dining room / bed room / sitting room