Black & Blue…

Black Accents with Blue

and not a bruise in sight!¬† The debate about whether you can pair black with navy¬† is one that comes up again and again in fashion and in home decor… and lately, it seems that this combination is getting pretty popular!

Wallpaper with Wow

Pillow with Pow

Dressing with Black & Blue

What a Clutch

Shoes with Attitute

Would you do black and blue?

Photos via Pinterest, Farrow & Ball, Stylebeat, Etsy, Net-a-Porter and Bluefly

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16 Responses to “Black & Blue…”

  1. I love black and blue, have never used this combination in my home but do wear it on occasion. I think you have made the point beautifully that it most definitely works!

  2. Absolutely! I think very chic! :-)

  3. pretty pink tulips says:

    Absolutely!! I have a favorite navy cocktail dress….and it looks chic with black pumps.

    It’s such a grown up combo, don’t you think?!

    Happy Hump Day!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  4. I think black and blue looks fantastic all over! And I think I need those shoes…

    Happy Wednesday! XOXO

  5. I love blue and black, is the black has a blue tint! These images are just that and beautiful!
    Happy Wednesday,

  6. The Zhush says:

    OK, I think that the clutch just convinced me!

  7. I adore that first picture, the kitchen looks smart and comfortable at once
    Love the fashion print as well, fabulous

  8. quintessence says:

    I ADORE black and blue – so sophisticated!! And yes, it is making its mark – I saw a lot of it at fashion week and check out the Veranda facebook page – Eugenia did a 5 part series on it you will love. I have been eyeing that Bottega clutch for a while – sigh…

  9. designchic says:

    It is the most unexpected combination, and I love it…the shoes are amazing!!

  10. claudia lane says:

    Always loved the black and blue combo…that clutch is out there…fab images!
    Have a great weekend xo

  11. What a fun post and luh-ve those shoes! xx

  12. Kelly Market says:

    That kitchen really gives white a run for its money…. Off to check out Luru Home! xx

  13. I totally would! Love this look!

  14. annie says:

    I love black and blue. It started with a black and blue Burberry scarf and now I wear it all the time. I adore that kitchen.

  15. StyleLinx says:

    This is one of my favorite color combos! And that kitchen is going into my dream kitchen file!! (Sorry I’ve been M.I.A for comments! Just doing more shows lately!)

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